Cold Weather Testing: How to Winterize Your Wood Fired Hot Tub

We may not live in igloos, but we do know a thing or two about cold weather. Canadian winters aren't for the faint of heart, and if there's one thing we do well - it's...

An Airbnb Hosts Guide to Wood Fired Hot Tubs

A hosts guide to wood fired hot tubs. Learn the pros and cons for airbnb and short term accommodations, simple tips to make the experience easy for guests, how to market your wood burning hot tub to increase your nightly rate and get more bookings, how to keep your wood fired hot tub clean for guests, and how to prevent improper use.

Top Tips for Summer Wood Fired Hot Tubbing

Wood fired hot tub summer tips - use your AlumiTub as a cold plunge or splash pool by day and a classic wood burning hot tub at night.

Heat Your Wood Fired Hot Tub in 2-4 Hours

How long does it take to heat an AlumiTub? That's one of the most frequently asked questions we receive from people wanting to know how much time they should expect to spend heating their wood...

The Ultimate Guide to Wood Fired Hot Tubs

What is a wood fired hot tub? Wood fired hot tubs are what they sound like: hot tubs powered by wood. They’re for soaking in just as you would with any other hot tub, but...

AlumiTubs Sustainably Sourced Wood Fired Hot Tub Materials

We talk a lot about how AlumiTubs are built to last a lifetime, and we're committed to doing our part to ensure the kids who inherit our tubs will have an earth that's left in...

Size Matters...Or Does It? How to Decide Which Size Wood Fired Hot Tub is Right For You

When it comes to wood fired hot tubs, there's a number of differentiators that affect the quality, longevity, level of maintenance required, heating properties and seating capacity. One of the most frequently asked questions we...

Earth Friendly Wood Fired Hot Tub Use

Looking for ways to conserve water in your AlumiTub? Here's our top tips: 1. Pump water into your tub directly from a natural water source, like the lake, ocean or rain water collection. Before repurposing,...

WATER: How to Fill your Wood Fired Hot Tub, Conserve Water and Clean it

When it comes to your AlumiTubs wood-fired hot tub, here's our tips for water use — how often to change it, how to clean your water, and more. 

Thinking about Purchasing an AlumiTub? Here's What You Need to Know

To help solve those pre-purchase jitters, we've put together some tips on what you need to know, from how to reserve your tub, to production and delivery times and everything in between.