Canadian Made to Last a Lifetime

Not your average cedar hot tub

Made for forever

Made for forever

Built to stand the test of time, our wood fired hot tubs are as enduring as the memories you'll make using it. Sure to never leak, AlumiTubs are equipped to perform throughout the decades.

Hot, no matter how cold it is outside

Hot, no matter how cold outside

Heats in 90 minutes, stays hot with just an armful of wood a day. Made with a precision-built firebox and three layers of 360 degree insulation to get hot and stay hot, even in sub zero conditions. Après ski never felt better.

Flexible Heating

Flexible heating

Designed for the functions off-grid properties need, customizable for residential use. With heating and filtration options for any property, AlumiTubs are for weekends at the cabin or year round full time use.

As seen in

Your new favourite passage of time

For misty mornings, action packed afternoons, and cozy evenings under the stars. With room for the quiet ones, the rowdy ones, the tall ones and the small ones, AlumiTubs were made for more of the good stuff.

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For remote access

Lightweight & portable for whatever you call a road. Made to fit in the back of a pick up truck or boat, our wood fired hot tubs have made their way to thousands of properties off the beaten path.

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Quick and easy set up, no electricity or professional installation required. Roll it into place on a flat surface, fill with water, light the fire, and let nature take it from there.

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Free shipping

Free shipping within Canada. $500 flat rate to the USA. Now shipping to the UK and Australia! On time, every time, you'll know exactly when your AlumiTub's going to arrive.

A place to gather

For life at the cabin, whether you have one or not. Staying hot with just an armful of wood a day or set on autopilot with our electric heating options, it'll be there when you need it - ready for gathering with loved ones on the days you won't want to forget.

A hot tub, but better

Like roasting marshmallows on a campfire, heating it stills time and allows us to fully sink into the present with the ones we love. Drawing us closer to nature and to those we share it with, it inspires a connection to the outdoors and a place to take pause - not just to warm up, but to truly be together.

A long held tradition

With timeless appeal, it holds the beauty of a cedar hot tub, made better thanks to the enduring qualities of its marine grade aluminum foundation. No material too precious to keep it from being lived in, the AlumiTubs unique design brings form in harmony with function.

For the backcountry or backyard

The magic of a wood fired hot tub is in its ability to bring people together, inspiring experiences woven with the intention of slowing down. Silence broken by crackling of the flames, it brings nature into focus making time spent outside that much sweeter.

Lasting through thick & thin

Made to be loved by everyone from generation to generation, it's a better way to hot tub. Easy to use and maintain, built to never leak. All it needs is a truck bed to get it there, two arms to roll it into place, and a flat surface to land.


Wood fire heats the tub in as little as 90 minutes, staying hot with just an armful of wood a day. Use alternative fuel during fire season, or set it on autopilot when adventure comes calling.


With thousands of tubs in the wild since 2001, AlumiTubs are proven to perform in extreme winter temperatures up to -30 celsius / -22 farenheit. Pioneered to outperform cedar hot tubs, the AlumiTub won't rot or leak.


For life at the cabin, whether you have one or not. Customizable with fuss free heating & filtration for water that stays clean and won't freeze. Electric options allow every property to experience wood fired hot tubbing full time, year round.


Designed for the functions cabin owners need. Our wood fired hot tubs can be filled with any clean water source - salt or fresh. Pumped from the natural environment and safely recycled again, chemical free.


Deep in the backwoods and way off map, find your escape where the stars shine the brightest. The sound of silence broken by crackles coming from the fire, the AlumiTub's made to go where nature calls you.


Sure to never leak, our wood burning hot tub is built with precision from materials as enduring as the memories you'll make using it. Never needing replacement, the AlumiTub's designed to become your family heirloom.


Rustic in nature with timeless appeal, its enduring materials connect with the surrounding landscape. Holding the classic beauty of a traditional cedar hot tub, made only more enduring thanks to its marine grade foundation.


Easy to move, easy to set up. See how Justin Pasutto assembles his AlumiTub.

We're changing the way the world hot tubs

Made for the backcountry or the backyard, it's a better way to hot tub. Timeless and enduring, gentler on the environment and more connected to nature than ever before, the AlumiTub can be used anywhere without installation, plumbing or electrical, and will never leak or need replacing. It's not just a hot tub, it's an experience that's sure to become the centrepiece of life outdoors.


Field Mags #1 Wood Fired Hot Tub

Made to outperform cedar hot tubs, the AlumiTub stands in a class of its own. Taking every opportunity to add unexpected function, rigor and grit, it will never leak or need replacing. Not your average wood fired hot tub, it's built better.

We've made 1000's of cedar hot tubs. You've had countless good times using them.

I just want to say the hot tub is awesome! In every way. Everything about your service and product could not be better. The wood stove is so efficient and works so well. That is a huge help for me. It makes it all so much easier for me to make it work for guests...We’ll order more in the future for more cabins. Aloha

Leo Downey, Buffalo Ranch

Blaeberry Valley, BC

I've had your tub for five years. Wanted to use it year round and do! Even works at -40° 😀

Kris Tap

Northern BC

It's AMAZING and I find myself looking forward to crisp fall and chilly winter nights. Thank you for our amazing new tub! We are sure to make a million memories with it! If you have a are gonna want one of these!

A Frame Jewel

Lake Bolfing, Minnesota

We spend more time in our backyard in the fall and winter than we do in the summer, all because of the AlumiTub. It revolutionized our feelings on dark west coast winters! Today we went for a fall hike and now my son is out chopping firewood to get the fire going. There is so much hygge going on!

Driftwoods Photography

Vancouver Island

I love the tub! The water comes from our stretch of an underground river. With good hygiene a single fill, chemical free it lasts up to a week. We drain, clean, and refill between guests. We reuse the water in our garden and wetlands, depending on season. In the winter we light the fire immediately upon filling. When guests arrive, it's usually already hot or near ready.

Theo Murphy, The Mountain Wonder

The Catskills, NY

No better place to sit and appreciate the winter wonderland than our AlumiTub hot tub...this one addition has totally changed our appreciation of winter cottage garden. We don't have running water in the winter so we will it from the lake with a gas powered pump and best of all when we're done for the weekend all that's required is to drain the water and cover. No chemicals & no plumbing to pump antifreeze into etc. so simple and easy.

Ryan Coleman

Gold Lake

Wildcoast's Oceanside wood-fired hot tub at Orca Camp base camp has been the perfect way to relax after a days paddle and still watch for orcas!

Valerie, Wildcoast Adventures

Quadra Island, BC

Our wood fired hot tub is going all year - filled with a Spring a little up the mountain.

Moonshine Kingdom

Bowen Island, BC

People LOVE the tubs!

Rebecca, Spirit of the West Adventures

Quathiaski Cove, British Columbia

I am a mega mega mega fan of yours! This is actually my second hot tub so I can genuinely attest to how incredible your product is.

Cabin On The River

Narrowsburg, NY

We have been enjoying your tub for years now - thank you!

Chris Winter, Bralorne Adventure Lodge

Gold Bridge, BC

Winter wonderland! When the place isn't booked solid we get to enjoy it. Which means afternoon warm ups after hunting and moonlight wood fired hot-tubbing with my little besties!

Breanne, Burch Acres

Edmonton, BC

We love our AlumiTub!

The Lofty Pines

Deer Lake, Sundridge Ontario

This is my favourite perch. Overlooking the lovely remote River Lake, Northwest Territories. No road the grid and ever so peaceful.

Mary Tapsell

Yellowknife, NWT

Built better

From handshakes to handcrafting your tub, we're with you every step of the way. We're hot tub builders, not retailers. With sleeves rolled up, we build your tub and take your calls. No middlemen, no cutting corners.