How does shipping work?

Free Shipping to Canada & $500 Flat to the USA | Now shipping to the UK and Australia

How do I order my wood fired hot tub?

Reserve your AlumiTub with a $500 deposit

Can I customize my wood burning hot tub?

Made for off-grid living, refined for residential use

What makes AlumiTubs better than other wood burning hot tubs?

Not your average wood fired hot tub

What are the benefits of a wood fired hot tub?

Made for more of the good stuff

Why don't AlumiTubs require the use of water treatment chemicals?

Is there a difference in cost between a tub for saltwater and freshwater?

How do wood fired hot tubs work?

Wood, water, and good company

There’s nothing complicated about a wood fired hot tub. If you know how to make a fire, you know how to use a wood fired hot tub. Check out this video to learn how to use an AlumiTubs Wood Fired Hot Tub.

How many people fit in an AlumiTub?

Three sizes. Come one come all.

Can I use a wood burning hot tub during a fire ban?

Flexible heating options so you never have to put the good stuff on hold

What makes an internal wood fired hot tub heater better than an external (chofu) heater?

Heat efficiency

Are wood burning hot tubs a good idea for my BnB?

AlumiTubs are treasured by hundreds of hosts

How do I set up an AlumiTub?

Pre-assembled, lightweight and portable

Where are AlumiTubs made?

Proudly small town, Canadian made


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