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We're changing the way the world hot tubs. Unlike regular hot tubs, the AlumiTub is timeless and enduring, can be used anywhere without installation, plumbing or electrical, and will never leak or need replacing. Creating an outdoor experience to be savoured, it's so much more than a hot tub.

Pre-assembled and low maintenance with flexible heating options, we've made the wood fired hot tub functional for users at any property, in any climate, year round. Not your average wood fired hot tub, the AlumiTub's built better. Engineered to perform in -44, it's durable and lightweight for rugged commutes off the beaten path, and can be set up quickly on any flat surface.

Multi-fuel to be the year round centerpiece of time spent outdoors, it's a place to gather and an heirloom to be passed down from generation to generation. Since 2001, thousands of AlumiTubs have made their way from the Sunshine Coast of BC to cottages, cabins, widlerness resorts, bnbs and homes across Canada and the United States.

Proudly small town, AlumiTubs operates as an independently owned business supporting its local economy. Made from 100% recyclable materials sourced locally, we handbuild small batch artisan cedar hot tubs.

Wood fired hot tub

Customer Reviews

Beloved by thousands since 2001 - from off-grid cabins to cottages in lake country, ocean dwellings, mountain retreats, homes and wilderness resorts across the continent. See them in their natural habitat and hear what owners say about their AlumiTub.

"This is not a hot tub. It's a life change and I'm here for it" - Justin Pasutto, Kelowna BC

"Dream come true" - Jillian Harris, Kelowna BC

Wood burning hot tub

"WE LOVE OUR HOT TUB! It has increased airbnb bookings 10 fold! It's a huge hit.- Jennifer McFarlane, Cabin On The River, Catskills NY

"One of our best investments we've ever made! Perfecting the art & science of building the optimal fire and temp of our tub has been a fun & enriching experience. We experienced a significant uptick in off-season rentals at our vacation property. All to say, our AlumiTub investment has paid back in spades both personally and financially." - Ryan Fowler & Taylor McIndless, The Brook PEC

"We have happily been using our AlumiTub for nearly 20 years. Thank you for building such a remarkable product. I can't tell you about the countless happy hours we have spent in its warm confines." - Heidi & Bruce Ruegg

"Much better than our old wooden hot tub. Really good people and product. Easier and cleaner than the wooden one. We get to -30F around here. Good people and great product." - Jake Gulo, Alaska

"I just want to say the hot tub is awesome! In every way. Everything about your service and product could not be better. The wood stove is so efficient and works so well." - Leo Downey, Buffalo Ranch

"It's AMAZING and I find myself looking forward to crisp fall and chilly winter nights. Thank you for our amazing new tub! We are sure to make a million memories with it! If you have a are gonna want one of these!" - A Frame Jewel, Lake Bolfing Minnesota

"We spend more time in our backyard in the fall and winter than we do in the summer, all because of the AlumiTub. It revolutionized our feelings on dark west coast winters! Today we went for a fall hike and now my son is out chopping firewood to get the fire going. There is so much hygge going on!" - Driftwoods Photography, Vancouver Island


Wood fired hot tub owners Laura and Josh

Hear from AlumiTubs Owner, Josh Logan Watch now

Pioneered in 2001 at a cabin on Thormanby Island, the AlumiTub was engineered by an aircraft mechanic who turned to the materials and techniques he knew best. Using marine grade aluminum and riveting techniques known to aircraft's and the iconic Airstream, he prototyped the first hot tub of its kind. Engineering a leak free, enduring and high performing alternative to wooden hot tubs, the AlumiTub brought form in harmony with function. Holding the classic beauty of a traditional cedar hot tub, made only more enduring thanks to its marine grade aluminum foundation, the AlumiTub became a better way to hot tub. Soon, island neighbours and cabin owners across the province, the country and the continent caught on, and through the grapevine the AlumiTub became renowned for its performance and longevity. 

Josh, a journeyman pipe fitter and golfer with an education in business became Eric's protege in 2019, setting out to master the art of building the AlumiTub while also expanding production, training more craftsmen, and making functional improvements so it could be experienced by families at properties of all types full time and year round. While expecting their firstborn, Josh worked at the hot tub farm while his partner Laura applied her background in commerce and tech (formerly leading a Growth Marketing team at Canadian darling, Shopify, and partnerships at Lululemon). Compelled to amplify their mission of changing the way the world hot tubs, they brought the company online, expanded its product capabilities, and grew their family by three while AlumiTubs grew sixfold in just a few short years. Producing a trailer full of tubs each week, 52 weeks a year for families across North America, there's been a backlog of customers willing to wait for the unparalleled quality AlumiTubs offer ever since. 

As home renovators with an eye for design, the partners in life and business were as drawn to the AlumiTubs timeless cedar aesthetic as the stories it held. With each photo submitted of tubs brimming with family and friends set against backdrops of rugged coastlines, tucked away in the mountains and at lakes in cottage country, it became clear that the AlumiTubs unique size and performance was inspiring a lifetime of togetherness for families to gather in in nature. Inspiring their company's mission to change the way the world hot tubs were the experiences the AlumiTub offered, woven together with Laura's Danish roots bringing the concept of "hygge" into focus. Defined by a practice of togetherness and finding contentment through simple pleasures, taking time away from the daily rush to be together with the people you care about, the concept of hygge perfectly embodies what the AlumiTub represents. Like roasting marshmallows on a campfire, it's the definition of warm comforts. Made for gathering, the experience of heating it sparks a connection to the natural world and to those it's shared with. 

Email to reach Laura, or for Josh. 

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    What is a wood fired hot tub?

    A wood fired hot tub is the near definition of warm comforts - a place for simple pleasures and for sharing the finer moments together, in the great outdoors. Like a drive through the countryside, we lend ourselves a little more fully to the moment. To those we share it with, and to the beauty that surrounds us as we follow nature’s lead. Lending itself to a deeper connection with nature and to those we share it with, there's no electricity or plumbing required. It can be used anywhere with a flat surface - all you need is wood, water, and good company. 

    Why is it made from marine grade aluminum?

    Marine grade aluminum is a material often used for boats because of its durability, resistance to erosion, and enduring qualities. It doesn't leak, can be easily cleaned for better hygiene, filled with salt or fresh water, and is 100% recyclable.  

    Why is the AlumiTub produced locally?

    AlumiTubs are built better - holistically. This means manufacturing with a low carbon footprint and supporting local economy. Outsourcing production would allow us to meet the demand of the wood fired hot tub market, but we believe if there's a job worth doing, it's worth doing well. And to us, that's handcrafting each AlumiTub with precision, pressure testing it for quality before it leaves our shop, and staying true to our word by supporting our customers directly.