Our small batch wood fired hot tubs are exclusively handcrafted on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia. Pioneered to outperform cedar hot tubs, we designed the original aluminum hot tub for the functions off-grid properties need. 

Meet Josh: AlumiTubs owner, wooden hot tub builder, Dad of three little ones & a golden doodle

"The smell of the cedar, steam coming off the water, it really makes you connect with nature, and having that peace is really important to us. And that's why we put all the effort into making these tubs - for the enjoyment of others."

Made for more of the good stuff

AlumiTubs aren't your average wood fired hot tub. Handcrafted with an aluminum foundation and precision built to stand the test of time, it's our goal that your tub become a family heirloom, offering connection to the outdoors and a gathering place for loved ones. Built to make the experience of owning a wood fired hot tub simple and as enduring as the memories you'll make using it.

How we operate

It takes a skilled team of humans to make a better wood burning hot tub. We believe in the spirit of community and small town living, choosing to operate our business independently. We employ real people within our community while supporting local economy with locally sourced, 100% recyclable materials to form each of our wood fired hot tubs, including FSC certified Canadian Western Red Cedar.

Shipping our barrel hot tubs across Canada and the US

We travel by ferry each week from the Sunshine Coast across the Strait of Georgia with a trailer full of tubs. Making their way to off-grid cabins, cottages in lake country, ocean dwellings, mountain retreats, homesteads, BnBs and wilderness resorts across the continent, our wood fired hot tubs can be found on and off the map.

It all started with good design

From a cabin on a remote island off the coast of British Columbia, AlumiTubs were made to outperform the traditional cedar hot tub. Built with the materials Eric knew from his decades of aircraft fabrication, he found a better way to soak by engineering the first wood fired hot tub from marine grade aluminum.

Its high performance put the AlumiTub in a class of its own, becoming the cornerstone of life at the cabin…and then his neighbors and the neighbours' friends and family cabins, too. Making their way into the wild, AlumiTubs are found in cottage country and just about every remote island, rural town and lakeshore in the continent. 

And from the table stakes of good design and good values, AlumiTubs became Canada’s leading manufacturer of wood fired hot tubs - guaranteed to never leak, salt-water friendly with unparalleled heat retention and a lower maintenance way to soak - it left traditional cedar hot tubs in the dust. Never looking back, those first AlumiTubs Eric built over 20 years ago have become family heirlooms bringing friends and family together, for life at the cabin. 

Our sustainability journey