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Wood Fired Hot Tub Materials Alumitubs

We talk a lot about how our wood-fired hot tubs are built to last a lifetime, and we're committed to doing our part to ensure the kids who inherit our tubs will have an earth that's left in tact, with all of mother nature's offerings to enjoy in their lifetime.

Sustainably harvested wood is one of the most important choices we make. Today we're picking up Canadian Western Red cedar from our neighbour, Robert, whose property happens to be where our daughter goes to daycare. All of the cdear used for this months wood hot tubs have come from this 8 acre property in Gibsons where Robert uses only fallen or fire hazardous trees to mill on site. 

Using a logging arch and small tractor to haul from the forest, his commitment to sustainably harvested wood serves as a reminder to us that the easy way isn't always the right way! 

This is the 3rd batch we've sourced for our cedar hot tubs from a single 110 year old tree that came down in last winters wind storm. This is one way we do our part to protect the planet, and every material used to build an eco-friendly hot tub is 100% recyclable, with wood sourced locally from within our community on the Sunshine Coast, BC. 

 Here's our tips for a more earth friendly soak:

  1. Salvage wood from your property, using fallen branches, logs or tree stumps.
  2. The wood you use matters. Use high quality wood like cedar and dry it well for optimal heat efficiency. It won't just reduce the heat time, but you'll use less of it to keep your AlumiTub hot for days at a time!
  3. Source 4 or 6ft butts, or log booms that have soaked in salt water and would otherwise be used for pulp. There's so much wasted wood out there that can be repurposed to fuel your tub with!
  4. Use only what you need. Unlike electric tubs, wood fired hot tubs only consume energy when in use. While it's less convenient, we think that's the whole point. Use the time to enjoy being outside, chop the wood, stoke the fire, stir the water, check the temperature and relax. Not everything has to be instant!
  5. Use the insulation and lids provided to retain hot tubbing temperature over the weekend with just an armful of chopped wood a day.

sustainably sourced wood fired hot tub

sustainably and locally sourced wood fired hot tub cedar

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For more earth-friendly wood fired hot tubbing practices, check out our blog post on water conservation here.

To learn more about AlumiTubs, check out our videos page or shop our wood fired hot tubs here.

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