5 Things You Never Knew About Cedar Hot Tubs

Cedar hot tub

What is a cedar hot tub?

Cedar hot tubs can be any type of outdoor hot tub built from cedar. With endless flexibility, cedar hot tubs can be powered by wood, electricity, propane or natural gas, with jets and filtration like traditional hot tubs, or simplified for the off-grid environment - they can be as refined or simplified as your property and budget command. What they all have in common is that they're made from the timeless and enduring Canadian Western Red Cedar. World renowned for its beauty, resistance to rot and decay, and superior thermal qualities, this wood has a universal appeal that enhances the natural beauty of any property - whether a modern home or rural cabin, there's nothing not to like about the look of cedar. It can be customized with stain or toner, sanded back to restore its original shade, or left to weather to a silvery tone like a beach wood. Based on personal preference or to complement your home and landscape aesthetic, cedar hot tubs can be endlessly customized to any shade. 

Cedar hot tub

What are the differences between traditional and cedar hot tubs?

  1. Cedar hot tubs are a more sustainable way to soak. Like waterbeds, regular electric hot tubs are so 90s. Made from plastic, vinyl and fibreglass, they don't pass the sustainability test. Extracted from the earth in a harmful way and impossible to recycle at the end of their lifecycle, once they're done, they're done. And just like plastic shopping bags are out, so are traditional hot tubs. Cedar is 100% biodegradable and has one of the longest life spans of any North American softwood, making it a more eco-friendly alternative. If sustainably harvested wood is a key factor in your decision criteria (and it ought to be), narrow your search for a cedar hot tub that's been built from FSC certified wood, like the AlumiTub.
  2. They have a timeless aesthetic that will elevate any property. Every home, chalet, cottage or cabin you've ever seen in a design magazine has one thing in common: it's been carefully curated with special pieces. Like artwork, a cedar hot tub is a unique addition to any property, adding a special factor that will bring a smile to your face every time it catches your eye as you reflect on the countless memories made soaking in it.
  3. They offer flexible heating and soaking options. Cedar hot tubs come in a broad range of sizes, shapes, styles and soaking options. From Japanese ofuro tubs to cedar barrel hot tubs pared down for a simpler way to soak or outfitted with all the bells and whistles of lights, jets and filtration, they can be heated by wood, propane/natural gas, electricity or solar. 

Beyond the more sustainable properties of cedar hot tubs, their earthy and timeless aesthetic, and flexible heating and soaking options, they're undeniably a far cooler way to soak. Not your Amazong Prime special, Wayfair price slash or run of the mill Home Depot merchandise, cedar hot tubs are often thoughtfully handmade by skilled hands and honoured tools and craftsmanship. Bound to elevate any home, cabin or cottage, cedar hot tubs are not only a work of art, but an iconic way to soak.

Cedar hot tubs

5 different types of cedar hot tubs

  • Lined and unlined: Not all cedar hot tubs are made the same. While the original cedar hot tub is constructed of only wood, it's imperative that it's built with a liner. AlumiTubs pioneered the original marine grade aluminum hot tub for to outperform cedar hot tubs made from all-wood. The unique qualities of marine grade aluminum make it endlessly durable, lightweight, portable, low maintenance, naturally hygienic, and 100% recyclable. Not only that, but it offers an additional layer of insulation, allowing for the cedar to clad the exterior of the tub while three layers of insulation help retain its heat for longer, thereby reducing the amount of wood consumed in the firebox and providing an all weather, all climate solution for extreme winter hot tubbing. Most importantly though, it means the hot tub will never leak. And that's something that regular cedar hot tubs just can't offer. Without a liner, cedar hot tubs will eventually leak due to the frequent swelling and retracting of the wood. In addition to leaks, they don't arrive pre-assembled like an AlumiTub does, and they grow algae and bacteria in the cracks making it difficult to clean and maintain.  
  • Heating options: Cedar hot tubs can be powered by wood fire, electricity, propane/natural gas, or even solar. The options are endless, and there's pros and cons to each. AlumiTubs wood fired hot tubs are made to heat the water by wood because it's truly the most incredible way to soak! With the fire crackling and the steam coming off the water, wood fire not only heats a hot tub the fastest of all heating methods, but it's also the most ideal for fully off-grid properties. Offering the simplest set up and the lowest maintenance option with zero installation required, the beauty of a wood fired hot tub is found in its simplicity. Just like sitting around a campfire, it offers a connected experience like no other. 
With electric heated cedar hot tubs, as well as propane/natural gas heating systems, there's more room for bells and whistles. But like an electric fireplace, the flick of the switch has a time and a place, but it'll never match the beauty and authentic natural experience of a wood stove. With that said, there's a time and a place for modern comforts - and it's comforting to have the flexibility to choose. When adventure's calling your name, leading you away from the hot tub, or when the wood is wet or hasn't been chopped yet, it's nice to have choice. 
AlumiTubs are wood fired at their core, designed for the functions offgrid properties need, but refined for custom heating options. Offering a hybrid electric - wood fired model, an exclusively electric cedar hot tub for densely populated properties where wood smoke isn't permitted, and our core wood fired hot tub with compatibility for whichever heating system you may choose down the line, the AlumiTub can be customized for flexible use, which is particularly handy during fire ban season. 
  • Sizes: Cedar hot tubs are made in all sizes! Most commonly designed for 2 people to soak in, seating up to 8 people. The AlumiTub comes in three sizes, with the Standard size seating 4-5 people being our most popular. When choosing a size, the key decision factors include:
    1. How many people you expect to share your hot tub with. Plan for the long term, because with decades of use, you'll want the option to share your favourite pass time with good company. A good way to plan this out when deciding which AlumiTub size is right for you, is to take a garden hose and create a 5ft, 6ft or 7ft diameter with it. Sit in each size with your loved ones to help you decide which will best seat you all.
    2. Heat time and water capacity. Genterally speaking, the larger the tub, the more water required to fill it with. If water supply is limited at your off grid property, consider the smallest size you can enjoy between friends and family. With several options to extend the water cleanliness, including bromine and other safe water treatment and filtration options, rest assured you can enjoy a clean soak for weeks if not months at a time before replacing the water again. With more water comes more time to heat it initially, though this is neither here nor there if the hot tub can hold its heat with ease and efficiency. Like an electric hot tub, wood fired hot tubs have an initial heat time, but for well built and thoughtfully designed wood fired hot tubs like the AlumiTub, the water will retain its hot tubbing temperature with just an armful of wood a day. That said, heating properties is among the most integral factors for an enjoyable hot tubbing experience, and not all cedar hot tubs are equal. Learn more about heat time here. The Small AlumiTub heats in 90 minutes on average, while the Standard heats in 2.5 hours and the Large in 4, all depending on ambient water temperature, the use of insulation and lids, and the quality of the wood you're burning. Keep in mind too, that hybrid heating / dual heating can help expedite this initial heat time even further.
    3. Depth & comfort: Depth is so important when it comes to an enjoyable soak in your cedar hot tub. Many people have been disappointed to receive a cedar hot tub that's too short, leaving their arms exposed only heating the lower half of their body. Similarly, bath style cedar hot tubs require a hot tubber to recline or lay down in order to immerse themselves. The AlumiTub is intentionally built to be 38 inches deep in order to accommodate different size soakers while ensuring there's no cold shoulders! 
  • Shapes: Cedar hot tubs come in all sorts of shapes! From the traditional Japanese oval soaking tub, to round, square and bathtub shapes, the options are endless. There's no right or wrong way to soak, so the shape is just as much a design consideration as it is one of comfort. Rectangle and oval cedar hot tubs are better suited for those who prefer a bathtub experience, where round and square cedar tubs are more ideal for a relaxed but seated position, much like hot tubbers have come to know and love from traditional hot tubs. 
  • Indoor and outdoor: Cedar tubs aren't just for outdoor hot tubbing! Of course, if they're powered by wood fire, they're 100% not suitable for the indoor environment. When powered by electricity, they can be used in a spa, or it can be a standalone tub with no heating system, filled with water from a faucet plumbed just as a regular bathtub would be. Tip: this is also an option for use outside if you don't want any heating system at all!

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Whatever your preferences may be, cedar hot tubs are a quintessential, timeless and iconic way to soak. A beloved pass time, a way to connect with good company or experience the outdoors like never before, it's sure to elevate your property's appeal and provide next level rest and relaxation. Better for the environment, far better to look at, and a much more authentic way to soak, there's no denying a cedar hot tub offers an elemental experience that people have come to know and love across the globe for generations. To learn more about our cedar hot tub, send us a note at alumitubs@gmail.com or check out the AlumiTub here.

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