Top Tips for Summer Wood Fired Hot Tubbing

Summer Wood Fired Hot Tubbing

Nothing feels more like summer than a sunny day spent on the water. When I think summer, it takes me to lake days spent in the boat water skiing, snacking on fruit bowls from the picnic table, hot dogs and s'mores cooked on the campfire for dinner, and time spent laughing with family and friends at the cabin. Swimming, sandy toes, beach umbrellas a cooler full of cold drinks and a paddle in the kayak, a cool dip in the river, or a hike up to a vista on a clear blue day; whatever the day looks like, the nights always call for a good reason to stare up at a bright star filled sky, and I can think of no better place to do that than from the warmth of a wood fired hot tub.

But when the wind takes a break from comforting us with its breeze and the temperature keeps pushing higher, an AlumiTub can be more than just an evening retreat. If the shore's out of reach, basking in the cold water of an AlumiTub can offer a much needed refresh from the unrelenting sun. From cold plunging Wim Hof style, to the kids splash pool, recycling water for the lawn & garden, pumping from the ocean or lake, or the perfect circuit of hot-to-cool to hot again, and how to remain in compliance with restrictions and stay fire safe, here's our top tips for summer wood fired hot tubbing!

1. Use your AlumiTub for a Cold Plunge

Fill your AlumiTub with water from the garden hose and get ready for a refreshing whole body plunge! Be quick though, because as the sun warms the water it'll become less of a cold plunge and more of a splash pool. For more tips on how to cold plunge like Wim Hof himself, check out this blog post on cold water therapy.

2. Turn your AlumiTub into a Mulit-Purpose Splash Pool

Skip the pool purchase! Keep water in your AlumiTub without ever lighting the fire. Fill it with the garden hose and let the sun heat the water on a hot afternoon. After a few hours of sun heated water, you can achieve a perfect cooling splash pool fit for hanging out in. If you're up for a warm pool, let the fire diminish before you go to sleep at night and check the temperature in the morning to see how hot it is. Typically it only drops a few degrees over night and you'll need to fill it with some cold water to cool it down to a comfortable pool temperature. Keep the insulation and lids off to help it cool down faster (unless you have pets and kids on your property, in which case a lid is always required).

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3. Repurpose the Water from your Wood Burning Hot Tub

Conserving water is an important element to using a wood fired hot tub sustainably, and it's super easy to do in an AlumiTub. If you're soaking chemical-free, you can drain your tub water by attaching a hose and leading the water to a sprinkler or garden bed. If your wood heat hot tub is treated with bromine, be sure to neutralize it first. For more tips on how to conserve water in your wood burning hot tub, check out this blog post.

4. Soak in your AlumiTub with Lake or Sea Water

Bring nature into your wood fired hot tub by filling it with salt or fresh water directly from the source and replenish it right back to where the water came from. One of the unique benefits of AlumiTubs wood fired hot tubs is that it's built with a marine grade aluminum foundation, allowing salt water use and extended water cleanliness thanks to its hygienic properties and low maintenance cleaning requirements. 

5. Be Fire Smart

Do your homework and determine the level of fire hazard in your area before using a wood fired hot tub in the dry season. While we recommend a 10 ft distance from flammable objects, your local fire department is the source of truth when it comes to safe fire use. They know the specific level of risk in your area and the restrictions in place to keep your environment safe from sparks. You can let them know that AlumiTubs have an internally submerged firebox, meaning it's completely under water and isn't an open flame. Sparks are still a legitimate concern however, and while a spark arrestor can help, fire in dry season is nothing to mess with, so do be diligent about abiding by your local regulations, use common sense, or chat with us about heating alternatives like propane, gas and solar compatibility. 

6. Don't forget the drink tray! Keeping yourself hydrated on warm days is essential, and keeping your favourite beverage on standby while you cold plunge, splash, or soak in the wood burning hot tub is just good planning. Cheers!

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