WATER: How to Fill your Salt Water Wood Fired Hot Tub, Conserve and Clean it

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AlumiTub wood-fired hot tubs can be filled with salt or fresh water pumped directly from a natural water source and recycled back into the environment. To conserve water and minimize the frequency of changing it out, there's safe and effective water treatments that will extend its cleanliness for weeks (and even months) at a time. Here's our top tips to get the most out your water use:

Saltwater vs. Freshwater Hot Tub

AlumiTubs wood-fired hot tubs are made with a highly durable marine-grade foundation, meaning you can fill your tub with saltwater safely. Both saltwater and freshwater are great options to fill your tub, and depending on the water source you have available, one might be more accessible or desirable for you to soak in. 

Saltwater is softer, making it a great alternative for people with sensitive skin. It’s also odourless and can be pumped directly from the ocean. Saltwater can be drained directly back into the ocean, and doesn't require frequent chemical treatments to keep it clean. The only downside? It's not available if you're not on the ocean! 

Freshwater can be pumped from any available supply (including rainwater that's been collected) or hosed directly into the tub. Just like salt water, it can be drained and repurposed for other uses like giving the garden a drink. Just be mindful that if you've used chemical water treatments, the water needs to be neutralized before sending it back into the lake or other sensitive environments.

How Often to Change Your Water

Depending on use, you might find you can get months of use with just one fill when treated with bromine or hydrogen peroxide every few days. For accommodations hosting different guests, or properties with limited water, we recommend setting up a simple filtration system for your wood burning hot tub to reduce maintenance, keeping it clean and hygienic for months of frequent use. You'll need electricity and flanges installed into your AlumiTub to make it compatible with a pump and filter system. Flanges need to be pre-installed, so be sure to request this at the time of ordering. You'll also want to use the Cedar Lid and Firebox Plate to keep debris out of your wood burning hot tub.

If a chemical-free, all-natural soak is important to you, we recommend filling your tub with salt water, which only requires changing every 7-10 days compared to 3-4 days with fresh water. Read about water cleanliness tips in this blog post to extend the lifespan of each fill.

How to Treat Your Water

If you're only soaking every other weekend, an AlumiTub doesn’t require chemical cleaning treatments. That's because, unlike electrical hot tubs that are always on, the water returns to ambient temperature when not in use, preventing bacterial growth. 

But if you plan on using your tub for longer periods of time, you'll want to keep your water as fresh as possible. A preventive approach is always the best option to keeping your tub clean and your hot tubbing enjoyment maximized. When you keep clean, your water will stay fresh for longer and you'll spend less time draining and cleaning it out. 

Here are our tips for keeping clean before using your AlumiTubs wood-fired hot tub: 

  • Shower beforehand: Just like in Japanese onsen-style bathing, give yourself a good scrub before getting in the water. Buff your skin using an exfoliant so you slough off dead skin cells and other microorganisms, and make sure to rinse off any residue from products you may have used. 
  • Rinse your feet: A pair of bathing sandals is helpful for walking to and from your outdoor hot tub. They help to protect your feet (and tub!) from dirt, mud, grass and other debris. Keep a bucket next to your tub to rinse off your feet just before dipping them in the water. 
  • Avoid harsh laundry detergent: If you can, wash and dry your bathing suits without the use of harsh detergent or chemicals. Any residue left on your suit will also transfer to your tub. 
  • Try not to spill: This is a no brainer but whether you're drinking a refreshment or even snacking while tubbing, make sure you avoid spilling food or drink in your AlumiTub. 
  • Don't put on lotions or oils: Products like oils, soap, suntan lotion will pollute the clarity of your water making it cloudy and ripe for bacteria to grow. 

Keeping your tub chemical-free is entirely possible, but it comes at the cost of more frequent fills, which can be wasteful unless you're lucky enough to have direct access to a sustainable water source like a lake, ocean or river where the water can be easily pumped in and out of your wood heated hot tub.

Tips for Conserving Water 

For cabin owners, conserving water isn't just resourceful, it can be a necessity. When it comes to conserving water, there's a few tips and tricks that will go a long way:

Tip #1: Pump water into the tub directly from the ocean, lake, river or rain water storage tank. If using chemical water treatments in your hot tub, be sure to neutralize the water before emptying back into the environment.

Tip #2: Use the Cedar Lid and Firebox Plate to protect your water from debris. 

Tip #3: Use water treatments like granulated bromine or hydrogen peroxide to extend the lifespan of your water for weeks at a time. They're safe and effective, reducing the amount of water changes you'll have to do.

Tip #4: Set up a pump and filter system to keep the water in your wood burning hot tub clean for months at a time. Be sure to request this compatibility with your AlumiTub when placing an order.

Tip #5: Repurpose your water! You can reuse your chemical-free or neutralized water in the garden, or empty it back into a natural water source like the lake or ocean. 

To learn more about how to clean your AlumiTub, watch this instructional video.

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