Wood Fired Hot Tub Q&A With Tincup Wilderness Lodge

Wood Fired Hot Tub Q&A

There's remote, and then there's Yukon remote. Tincup Wilderness Lodge, located just Northwest of Whitehorse, is no stranger to the demands of off-grid living. This piece of paradise is fly-in access only and the only property situated on the shores of its namesake lake. 

We had the pleasure of working with Meinrad, the owner and operator, to outfit the lodge with an AlumiTub — a testament to the durability and functionality that our wood-fired hot tubs offer cabin owners like Meinrad. 

We asked Meinrad a few questions about the history behind Tincup Wilderness Lodge, and why he chose AlumiTubs to complete his remote wellness oasis. 

Tell us a little about yourself and your property, Tincup Wilderness Lodge. 

Over the years, I've done lots of canoeing in both the Yukon and Northwest Territories and fell in love with the area. I purchased the lodge in 2010 so I could continue to be in the wilderness. 

Where is the lodge located? 

We are Northwest of Burwash Landing close to Kluane National Park. We're a fly-in only lodge. From Burwash, it's about a 30-minute flight to Whitehorse.

Tincup has such an interesting history! How did you first come across the lodge and what inspired you to take it over to make it the property it is today?

I was on a canoe trip in the Yukon in 2009 and it was there that I first heard about Tincup. At the time, the owner was looking for a suitable successor.

Why an AlumiTubs wood-fired hot tub for Tincup? 

The cedar look of the tub matches perfectly with our already existing sauna and the sundeck. The hot tub and sauna sit away from the main lodge, and we've built two bridges to get there, so it feels like a wellness oasis. 

Did you make any modifications to your AlumiTubs to make it suit the property or the experience for your guests?

We ended up placing the hot tub a bit lower than the sun deck so that guests have easy access to the tub. 

The hot tub is perched right on the lake's edge. How often do guests brave a dip in the cold waters of the lake?

We're the only ones on this lake, which means our guests have lots of privacy. Most guests will often jump in the lake after a solid session in the tub or sauna. 

We bet every season brings a new feel to the lodge. What's your favourite time of year at Tincup, and why? 

No favourite time, it's paradise year-round!

Besides soaking in a wood-fired hot tub, hiking and fishing, what other rituals do you — or guests — partake in while staying there?

Canoeing, SUPs and kayaking, as well as photography and wildlife watching. 

Lastly, what's next for Tincup? Any exciting adventures on the horizon?

That's a secret! You'll just have to find out for yourself. :-)

Learn more about our wood-fired hot tubs here.

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