Your 5 Most Commonly Asked Questions About AlumiTubs Wood-Fired Hot Tubs, Answered

AlumiTubs Wood-Fired Hot Tubs

Here are our five most commonly asked questions about owning an AlumiTubs, answered.

1. How Hot do Wood Fired Hot Tubs Get?
Very hot!  With 3 layers of insulation and a submerged firebox, AlumiTubs are made for all season use, so you can find comfort in a nice hot soak in extreme winter conditions when your toes need warming most! Our customers have reported water temperature of 110 degrees in -50 degree weather (check our testimonials page). AlumiTubs wood fired hot tubs will also retain its heat with just an armful of wood a day, so the challenge isn't achieving a hot soak - but rather, from keeping it from getting too hot. Regulating the water temperature in a wood fired hot tub is an art you'll quickly master, and to help you refine it, we've put together these wood burning hot tub tips: 
1. Using the thermometer provided, check to see when the water temperature reaches mid 90's and stop adding wood to the firebox. It will gently climb to an ideal hot tub temperature of 102-104 degrees on its own from there. 
2. Have a cold water hose nearby in case you need to bring the water temperature down a few degrees before hopping in.
3. Using a paddle or a makeshift long piece of wood, stir the water from the bottom of the tub to help circulate and evenly distribute the heat.
4. Using the rigid styrofoam provided, place it on top of the water while heating and when not in use to retain the heat.
5. Make use of the Firebox Plate which covers the area of water by the Firebox, and put the Cedar Lid on top of the insulation that rests on the water's surface between uses. This will keep it hot overnight so you can hop in the next morning before breakfast.
6. Use only dry wood. The Firebox is very efficient and you'll maximize heat efficiency by burning high quality dry wood like cedar. It'll not only expedite the initial heat time, but you'll use less of it and the water will retain it's heat for much longer. 
From an initial fill, your AlumiTub will take 2-4 hours to heat, or 5-6 hours for the Large tub, depending on the temperature outside and the temperature of your water. Heat time will also vary depending on the time of year. If you live in a colder climate, heating your tub from the first fill in the dead of winter may take longer - so fill it up, light the fire, enjoy your dinner and head back out when the dishes are done. 
2. How Well Is Heat Retained in an AlumiTub?
Your tub will retain its heat for 3-5 days at a time with just an armful of wood a day, or longer if you keep the fire at full throttle. AlumiTubs are built with a marine-grade aluminum foundation for several reasons. One, is that its triple insulation provides unparalleled heat quality. You can also pre-assemble your tub with a layer of insulation on the ground beneath the tub to provide it with additional insulation. This will offer you extra peace of mind that you'll never have to worry about heat loss in your outdoor soaking tub
3. How Do I Keep My Tub From Freezing?
Many of our North American customers live in cold climates, and because of this, they want to know whether they can leave water in their AlumiTubs year-round. You can, with the help of a trough heater (which requires electricity, so take note if you live off-grid), or you can drain your tub and refill it once you're ready to get back in. This prevents potential freezing, and if you refill from lake or ocean water, you won’t be wasting water in the process. Just be mindful that if you’re using chemicals to treat the water, they need to be neutralized before draining into a lake. Our owners manual has more tips and tricks to keep your AlumiTub from freezing and to enjoy it year round in any climate.
4. How Much Does It Cost To Ship An AlumiTubs? 
We ship across Canada and the US, and shipping costs to your property's nearest depot is included in the price of your AlumiTub. If you'd like it shipped directly to your property, email us at or call 604-885-0646 and we'll arrange for delivery, which will most likely cost a few hundred dollars. Keep in mind our costs are in CAD (a nice bonus for our US based customers).
5. What Size of AlumiTubs Should I Get?
This is probably our most frequently asked question, and it depends on your personal preference and how cozy or spacious you want to be. We offer a regular size tub, suitable for up to 6 people, and a large tub that comfortably fits 6-8. They offer equal levels of heat retention — so if you're considering a smaller tub for that reason but prefer more room, there's no need to downsize.
If you plan on using it with only a few people, the regular size tub is cozy, intimate and economical. If you have neighbours at the lake, you'll want the larger tub so you can host them all at your place. 
In terms of water consumption, the Large tub uses more gallons of water, but like the Standard size tub, you can reuse and recycle your water safely into your surroundings or use gentle cleaning agents to extend the life of your water cleanliness for days and even weeks at a time with the right treatment. Your owners manual comes with more detailed instructions on how to extend the life of your water or pump it directly from a fresh or salt water source.
The best way to feel confident you're choosing the right size is to make a circle with a garden hose and stand in it with those you plan to share your tub with. How close you want to sit next to them will help you make the right decision:). 
Convinced? Reserve your own AlumiTubs wood-burning hot tub today. 

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