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AlumiTub Testimonials & Reviews


Tom Schnull

Liz and I have now enjoyed our hot tub two days in a row. Just super!!! Heated up fine, stayed hot one day to the next, couldn’t be happier. For Liz, best birthday present ever!

Mike Duggan

Love your product. Neighbour has one that we have used and find that it is the perfect solution for an off grid cabin in an area where freezing may occur and the cabin may go a few months unoccupied.

Donna & Scott

We showed our Our neighbors in Princeton... And invited them in.... And they bought one days

Jodie Johson

I LOVE my new hot tub!!!! Enjoying watching the sunset each evening while I soak and take in the wonderful smell of woodsmoke and the cedar. It is a dream come true and I can’t thank you both enough!

Derek C Matthews

We are really enjoying the tub and setup went well as you described. I have attached a few photos

Gail hunt - Loon lake

Thanks again for your wonderful customer service. We thoroughly enjoyed the hot tub after our very active and sweaty work days on the work site.


We LOVE it!!! Sitting in the tub and smelling the cedar and the fire....amazing! There's so much room and it stays nice and hot. We checked the temp this morning and it was 120! Lol.

Marc Young

Friends of ours (Stephanie Higginson and Kevin Trotter) purchased a tub from you a few years ago and we have loved using theirs – they inspired us to get one. We have a place on Bowyer island, and can’t wait to get it fired up. Sunday morning 8am. Hadn't added a log for 11 hours and it was still 103! Thank you!

Dan Lyle

Overlooking Howe Sound the tub couldn’t be any cosier! Thanks so much, it is everything we hoped for and more…3 generations have already used the tub.
What fun we have experienced with our kids and grandkids in using it in the early going….

Grant and Muriel

We are very happy with the tub. It heats quickly and is very efficient using much less firewood than I had ever thought. I will try to send you a few pictures.

Dave Bishop

We got out tub in and are very happy with it. Attached are a couple photos...

James Malick - Hihium Lake

Just to let you know my tub arrived safely in Kamloops and on time. Hauled it to the lake and transferred from one trailer to another after unbundling it and took it the last km on an ATV road to our property. Last weekend we constructed the support for the tub and began the associated deck. We were able to try it out and it heated the water to 102 degrees F in about 5 hours. It worked well. I will send a picture when the deck is finished. We are pleased with the tub in every way. Thanks again.

Cathy & Bruce Prasoloski

Enjoying the tub lots!
Thanks so much.

David Navratil

It's here and I just finished setting it up. So far we LOVE it! The quality and craftsmanship is amazing. Thank you!
(a few years later)…We still love our alumitub and use it just about every day.

Leo Downey

I just want to say the hot tub is Awesome! in every way. Everything about your service and product could not be better. The wood stove is so efficient and works so well. That is a huge help for me. It makes it all so much easier for me to make it work for guests. I will start taking pictures of people enjoying it in the snow and letting everyone know about it, and I hope we’ll order more in the future for more cabins.

Kristy Zurowski

We are on an island and the tub is fantastic. We now spend all year at the cottage and use it several times a day....:) we love it!!!

Elisha Manson

Our first soak- incredible!! What a fantastic solstice celebration!

Mike and Donna Janiec

Loving our tub!! Lots of use by the adults and our young adult kids alike!!

Mitch and Sherry Metrunec

We have been enjoying our hot tub for the last year. (purchased in April 2016). Even kept it burning through the minus 30 C nights of Alberta winters.

Jill Henry

Used the tub this weekend! was awesome!!! Our son had quite a crew home for long weekend so it was great to have!!!
Take care and thanks again

Shane Mailey - Ingolf Ontario

Some photos of the tub, just moved it up onto its final destination today.

Patti Sinclair

Keith saw your ad in an outdoor magazine. Keith's biggest interest was your aluminum tub, which seemed better suited to our needs. We are loving the tub. Take care.

The Hefflick’s, Little Shuswap Lake

we absolutely love it!!!!

Arnie Sperl

Just wanted to take a moment to say thanks. We received the hot tub without any problems and in perfect shape. It continued its journey on a boat trailer then across 2 km of water and to its final location with no problem. Had it filled and heated before dark. Love how easy it heats and maintains heat. It blends well with its surroundings, I love how it looks on our shoreline.
Thanks again!

Justin Trouble

The tub is huge! It looks great and we are excitedly looking forward to giving it a go...once the snow goes...
Thank you for the great service

Rick Wirthlin

We already have one at our cabin, but we are looking at getting one for our home that has an alternative heating method.

Bruce & Amanda Gamage

Up and running. Thanks so much!! Pump filled with sea water.
Today we got it up to 104. Got it ticking along nicely.

Bill Casson

Awesome, can’t wait. I’m putting it at my tiny house on the Kentucky river. I’ll send more pictures when it’s installed

Grey Gordon

Thanks again for the wonderful hot tub! We finally got it to Horne Lake and set up last week. No doubt a few of my neighbours at the lake will be interested in ordering one (one guy already said he’s seriously thinking about it).

José François

Here is a photo of our tub. We love it! You are welcome to use it on your site.

Ray and Glynis Kirtz

After we built the deck with the zillions of black flies helping us, we filled the tub and 3 hours later it was ready to go! Put the cedar strapping on the next day.
Love it!!!
Thank you

Gillian Ramsey

Hi! We're loving our new tub! The kids have taken it over! It has been a bit rainy, but the kids are still eager to swim in the lake knowing they can pop up to the tub to warm up! I can't believe how little wood it takes and how easy it stays at 40 degrees! There has been lots of interest from our cottage friends, so I've passed along your info! Thanks again for the great product & great service! Happy Summer!

Donalda and Jeff Simmons

Love the hot tub!

Fran Dobranski

We are loving the tub!!!

Lorne & Tanya Atkinson

We got our tub in 2015 and installed it ourselves at our island cottage. Here are some photos of the process starting at the Toronto Cottage Life show in April. We sure do enjoy the tub.

Dave Bishop

Luv our tub


We absolutely love our hot tub, we made a platform, some stairs & a ledge around the tub to sit on & for drinks :)

John Hawkins

Got our tub installed on Lake Superior and it is awesome!! Thanks so much!! Family is loving it and it will be a game changer for our little cabin on the big lake.

Kevin MacLean

We were out at the cottage over Christmas and had an opportunity to use the tub in some rather cold weather, temperatures ranged from -20C to -28C.

Nevah Eyton

Absolutely loving the hot tub experience.

Simina Dumencu

I was googling tubs online and then I saw a bunch of our friends in your photos online and we ordered it because they had great things to say! Plus the fact that you were so close was a real benefit.
Many thanks,

Justin Davyduke

We enjoy it a great deal, and get so many comments about it from visitors.

Larry & Mary

We are Larry and Mary from Yellowknife and purchased a tub in 2014 we LOVE our tub.

Jen W.

We picked up our beautiful tub on Wednesday!!! Thank you for your excellent customer service and speedy delivery. I’m sure you will be hearing from us again once we finish our house :) :).


10/10. We had friends near Radium Hot Springs who loved their unit so we purchased one last year for a farm we are renovating. It is wonderful! We decided to pick it up ourselves and met the owners who were super helpful. It took just over 4 hours from unloading it to have it all setup and filled with water. On weekends, it's pretty much in use every night.


We love the tub!


A real hit at the lake!


I'm impressed by how it retains its temperature. We had a wood one before without the aluminum that didn't retain heat this well. Thank you!


You were right, we love it!


We travelled the lake (150 miles) with hot tub on board!


All of our family and friends think that this is the best "toy" that we have purchased


Loving our hot tub!


I would like to not only compliment you on the simplicity/practicality of the design but I was impressed with the way everything was so neatly packed for shipping


After a great day of snowmobiling, we loved coming back to the AlumiTub


25 on Green Lake and we're still in it every night

Dave P.

Loved and used at Blind Bay on Nelson Island


Looks great and runs great. Thank you guys


We now spend all year at the cottage in Northern BC. Thank you

Gillian R.

Kids are eager to swim in the lake now knowing they can pop up to the tub


Thanks for building such a quality product


Will spread the word how great this tub is


Every visitor can't stop talking about it


Very excited to make our tub part of our home here on Texada Island


Favourite attraction at our cottage


The best part was our daughter saying "oooh, it's soooo nice


So simple but so classic


Now the family comes to the cottage even on rainy weekends


Everybody loves it.


Love that we can fill it with seawater .


Compliments to you for the exquisite craftsmanship


Cold or hot nights, we're in the tub. Thanks!