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We've built thousands of AlumiTubs for recreational properties across North America, on and off the map. Hear what our customers have to say about their wood fired hot tub.

We LOVE it!!! Sitting in the tub and smelling the cedar and the fire....amazing! There's so much room and it stays nice and hot. We checked the temp this morning and it was 120! Lol.


Love your product. Neighbour has one that we have used and find that it is the perfect solution for an off grid cabin in an area where freezing may occur and the cabin may go a few months unoccupied.

Mike Duggan

Thanks again for your wonderful customer service. We thoroughly enjoyed the hot tub after our very active and sweaty work days on the work site.

Gail hunt

Loon lake

Friends of ours purchased a tub from you a few years ago and we have loved using theirs – they inspired us to get one. We have a place on Bowyer island, and can’t wait to get it fired up. Sunday morning 8am. Hadn't added a log for 11 hours and it was still 103! Thank you!

Marc Young
5 Stars ***** 5 Stars *****
Wood burning hot tub

The AlumiTub$500.00 CAD

"Liz and I have now enjoyed our hot tub two days in a row. Just super!!! Heated up fine, stayed hot one day to the next, couldn't be happier. For Liz, best birthday present ever!"

– Tom Schnull

5 Stars ***** 5 Stars *****

Product Title$99.00 CAD

"We showed our Our neighbors in Princeton... And invited them in.... And they bought one days after....lol"

– Donna & Scott

5 Stars ***** 5 Stars *****
Wood burning hot tub

The AlumiTub$500.00 CAD

I LOVE my new hot tub!!!! Enjoying watching the sunset each evening while I soak and take in the wonderful smell of woodsmoke and the cedar. It is a dream come true and I can’t thank you both enough!

– Jodie Johson