Why An Aluminum Foundation for Your Wood-Fired Hot Tub?

Why An Aluminum Foundation for Your Wood-Fired Hot Tub?

Designed for life at the cabin, AlumiTubs aren't your average wood fired hot tub! Handcrafted with an aluminum foundation and precision built to stand the test of time, it's our goal that your tub become a family heirloom. Built to make the experience of owning a wood fired hot tub simple and as enduring as the memories you'll make using it, AlumiTubs were designed to address the shortcomings of traditional cedar hot tubs.

The Shortcomings of Traditional Wood Burning Hot Tubs

Due to the swelling and contracting of the wood, traditional wood fired hot tubs will eventually leak and rot, making them not only an unsustainable choice, but resulting in a less than user-friendly experience. 

  • Traditional wooden hot tubs are inflexible to use without chemical water treatments due to bacterial build up in the cracks of the wood.
  • They're unable to retain heat well enough to enjoy throughout our cold seasons when the weather dips below freezing temperatures.
  • They require a level of skill and patience to assemble, which makes them less functional for off-grid property owners.

At our cabin on Thormanby Island, we loved the concept of a wood burning hot tub, but the options available to us just weren't meeting our needs. We wanted the classic Canadian cedar hot tub that could be fuelled by wood fire alone, but with a more user-friendly, renewable product that we could feel good about. With a background in airplane metal fabrication, we were drawn to the many benefits of marine grade aluminum.

Benefits of an Aluminum Wood Burning Hot Tub

  • It's lightweight, allowing for a transportable product to remote places by truck, boat, kayak or ATV.
  • Hygienic and easy to clean with a cloth and soapy water.
  • Durable and leak-proof.
  • An infinitely recyclable material that would use less water and wood.
  • Can be used with salt or fresh water - even without the use of chemical water treatments.
  • Allows for insulation to be wrapped around the tub inconspicuously beneath the cedar cladding, providing superior heat retention in our cold Canadian winters. 

For all of these reasons, we got to work prototyping the original aluminum wood fired hot tub, and over 20 years later, we've proudly built 1000's for family's on and off the map across North America, and even a few in Australia. 

Not Your Average Wood Burning Hot Tub...

AlumiTubs wood fired hot tubs use less water by being free of leaks; and thanks to its hygienic properties, the water that is used can be enjoyed without harsh chemicals and safely recycled back into the lake or ocean. Unlike other wood fired hot tubs, it needs less wood to heat thanks to three layers of insulation, and is made from 100% recyclable materials - so you can rest assured that it won't sit in a landfill one day.

Each tub we manufacture is meticulously crafted every single time. We only use the strongest, most durable and well-made materials, sourced locally in our backyard. Every piece we use to build our handcrafted wood-fired hot tubs is built by real people, not mass manufacturing. Pressure-tested for quality, we guarantee it will never leak. We fill your hot tub before shipping it to triple check that there were no errors, ensuring it's ready to be enjoyed for decades to come. Watch this video to see our process:


Find out more about our aluminum design by reading our customer testimonials or by chatting with passionate AlumiTubs' owners on Facebook. Want your own? Reserve yours today.

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