How to Prepare for the Arrival of Your AlumiTub Wood Fired Hot Tub

How to prepare your backyard for your AlumiTubs Hot Tub

You've put down a deposit and are eagerly anticipating the delivery of your AlumiTubs wood-fired hot tub. Now what? 

AlumiTubs wood fired hot tubs are thoughtfully designed and built by hand using 100% recyclable and locally-sourced materials on the Sunshine Coast of Canada. We're a small team shipping hundreds of tubs across North America each year, and while we've been growing fast, unfortunately our shop space is limited and to keep the quality of our wood burning hot tubs exceptionally high, our wait times have grown too. 

The good news is, you have time to plan your perfect wooden hot tub oasis. Use the time to your advantage by getting your spot tub-ready with these tips: 

Tip # 1: Consider How You'll Use Your Hot Tub

If you envision the perfect pared down experience, without the bells and whistles, with just wood fired heat and no fancy upgrades, all you need is a level spot to put your AlumiTub on and a nearby hose to fill it with - no prep required! Just stack some dry wood and get your matches ready. Check out this video to see how to set up your wood fired hot tub.

But if you're up for a more elevated experience, the world's your oyster, and now's the time to prepare so that you can put your AlumiTub to good use the day it arrives.

AlumiTubs can be made compatible with alternative heating solutions like electric, gas or solar for expedited heat time or to continue using during dry conditions when fire bans are in place. Want to minimize fills and conserve water? A filtration system might also be right for you. Will you fill it with salt or fresh water from a hose, or directly from a nearby water source like the ocean or lake? In the winter will it be kept in use, or will you store it in a place water can be kept out to prevent freezing? Looking for custom steps, a nearby shower to rinse off before use, to recess your tub into the deck, or have it floating on a dock by the lake? You'll want to know the filled weight of your tub to be sure your structure can support it. We're here to help you design your perfect spot, so don't hesitate to be in touch. 

Tip # 2: Choose a Location 

Your AlumiTub chimney must be kept 10 feet from structures or flammable objects to prevent fire hazard. You'll need a flat, level surface that can hold 5,000 lbs for the Standard tub, or 6,500 lbs for the Large tub. The outside dimension of the Standard tub is 71.5 inches and 84 inches for the Large tub. Both tubs are 38 inches deep. The Standard tub holds 450 gallons of water and the Large holds 650 gallons. Plan your location with these dimensions in mind, leaving enough space to load firewood into the firebox without risk of coming into contact with it when it's hot.

When choosing a location, consider how you'll drain water from the tub, what water source you'll be using to fill it, whether you want access to power for a pump, filter or alternative heating method, and where you'll be able to store things like firewood and lids for the tub when not in use. 

Check out photos from AlumiTub customers in different regions and settings throughout Canada & the US to get ideas for your own wood fired hot tub set up.  You can add special features like steps, seating, filtration, lid handles, and alternative heating.

    Tip # 3: Make a Plan for Easy Drainage

    Drainage is an important component to consider in order to minimize labour when it comes to emptying your tub. Every set up and structure is different and we can help you choose a system that works best for you. There are two options for draining water from your AlumiTub.

    Option 1 is to use the Drain Kit accessory. We recommend this because it allows you to empty the tub using a valve located on the outside, and navigate the drain water to your desired location. There are three different ways to use the drain kit:

    a) If placing your tub on the ground: visualize the orientation of your tub and where you'd like the drain to be situated. Dig a trench to size and when your AlumiTub arrives, place the Drain Kit in the slot to make sure there's ample room and depth. Thread the Drain Kit to the drain hole at the bottom of the tub, rotating counter clockwise until the pipe is snug, and add rocks or fill to support the Drain Kit.

    b) If placing the tub on a new deck where you'll have access underneath: use a hole saw to allow the Drain Kit to be threaded into the bottom of the tub from beneath the deck boards.

    c) If placing the tub on an existing deck or pad with no access underneath: the tub will need to be propped up by four inches with rigid insulation to accommodate the Drain Kit which sits under the base of the tub.

    Option 2 is to hold the water in the tub using a 1 1/4" snap drain plug instead of the Drain Kit, emptying the water using a sump pump or siphon.

    Check out our instructional videos to see how to install the Drain Kit.

    Tip # 4: Plan to Receive Your AlumiTub 

    Unlike traditional cedar or electric tubs, our lightweight, portable and pre-assembled tubs are a breeze to move and set up, which makes them especially ideal for off-grid cabin owners, renters, and accommodation providers.  

    Whether you're towing it to your boat-access only cabin, or helicoptering it to a remote site, how you get your AlumiTubs wood-fired hot tub for sale to its spot is just as important. You'll want to make sure you have a pick up truck trailer to tow it, a boat that will accommodate its size, ratchet straps, and 2x6's with cleats if you're transporting it by truck. Make sure your tub can fit around corners and through any entry points, and that you have a clear path free of any overgrown branches, large rocks (those will dent the bottom of your tub), and any branches or roots that may be blocking your path. Check out this video to see how it arrives.

    Tip # 5: Use the Wait Time to Build Out Your Dream Space

    Take your space from just a nice place to soak, to a place where time stands still. 

    Here are a few suggestions to creating your dream hot tub space:

    • Build a privacy screen using decking, lattices or foliage
    • Create steps out of decking or using cedar rounds or easier access in and out of your tub
    • Prepare decking if you plan on inserting your tub flush with your deck or are adding a wrap-around
    • Make an outdoor towel rack as a weekend project
    • Install an outdoor cold shower or tub
    • Add lights, chairs, a hammock and other touches to your tub 

    Tip # 5: Assemble According to Instructions 

    When your AlumiTub arrives, be ready for your first soak! Roll your AlumiTubs into its desired spot, unpack the cedar slats, stainless steel bands and other components. Install the tub using our instructions in your owner's manual, and watch this video to see how. Fit the chimney into its sleeve and on top of the stove. Put the stove lid on top of the firebox and hang your thermometer from the protective cedar fence.

    Get a stack of dry wood and kindling ready, a hose to fill it with, and have your matches handy to light it up for your first soak - the wait will be worth it, and the time spent preparing will make it all the more magical. 

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