Soak Sustainably this Earth Day: A Guide To Using Your AlumiTub As Sustainably As You Can

Soak Sustainably this Earth Day: A Guide To Using Your AlumiTub As Sustainably As You Can

Your Guide to Sustainable Hot Tubbing

Words by Launne Kolla, Sustainability Expert and founder of Do More Good.

Since I have been an adult, I have longed to own a hot tub. To be able to relax in hot water with a drink in my hand, after a long day of work….it sounds magical. But hot tubs and the environment don’t really mix- do they? Usually hot tubs use a ton of electricity to keep your water hot, and a lot of harsh chemicals to keep it clean. When refilling the water, many people just empty their hot tubs into their yard, introducing these harsh chemicals into their soil and waterways. To be honest, these are some of the reasons why I have never purchased one.

However, I truly believe that if you do a little research, you can always find a more sustainable option. As we are all becoming more conscious of our environmental impacts, many people are looking towards sustainable options in all aspects of their lives. Hot tubs are no different, which is why I was ecstatic when I came across AlumiTubs. As a sustainability expert, I absolutely love everything about their products. AlumiTubs is a family owned Canadian business that makes their wood fired hot tubs out of FSC Certified Canadian Western Red Cedar, and infinitely recyclable marine grade aluminum. They use zero waste production, reduce their carbon emissions and participate in 1% for the planet. AlumiTubs gives you that essential hot tub experience, with the rustic charm of using wood heat. And better yet, once you buy your AlumiTub - there are ways to make it even more sustainable when you use it. 

Here are my top ways to maximize the sustainability of your wood-fired hot tub, each and every time you use it.

Use Locally Sourced Wood

If you have trees on your property, see who can gather up the most dead wood between your friends and family. Make a game of it with your kids! Grab small branches, logs and stumps. The drier the wood the better the burn! 

If you don’t have access to your own wood, see if someone near you is giving some away. This might be as simple as your neighbour removing an old tree in their yard and having no use for the wood. If you do need to purchase wood for your AlumiTub, find some high quality, sustainably sourced wood that is local to you. Never use treated or painted wood - this can give off harmful chemicals while burning.

Keeping It Warm

 Normal hot tubs can cost you about $25-$80 CAD a month in energy costs, just to keep it warm when you aren’t even using it. A wood-fired hot tub is inherently more sustainable as it is only using energy when you are using it! AlumiTub users say you can keep your water hot for just an armful of wood a day! However, AlumiTub does give you the option to pair your tub with a secondary heating and filtration system. This can make using your AlumiTub more convenient as it makes the water in your tub last longer, it won’t freeze in the winter and you can use your tub during fire bans (which happen all too often during the summer). To make this hookup as environmentally friendly as possible, use a solar panel to provide your electricity. This ensures that you are enjoying your AlumiTub without the need for non-renewable energy sources. Whichever way you enjoy your tub, adding a lid and extra insulation will help keep your water as warm as possible.

Conserve Your Water

This is essential for sustainable hot tubbing. Instead of draining and refilling your water after every use, try to extend the life of the water in your tub. Before hopping in, always have a quick shower to clean off your body and feet. This will rinse off oils from soaps, lotions, shampoos and even laundry detergent. Keeping a lid on the hot tub when not in use will also help to keep debris from entering your AlumiTub and prevent evaporation from lowering your water levels. Adding some safe and effective chemicals like hydrogen peroxide or bromine to your AlumiTub can also help you to use the same water for a longer period of time. Less refilling and more relaxing! 

Empty Your Tub

When you do need to empty your AlumiTub, use the water for good. If you can, empty the water into your yard - your flowers and garden will thank you! Just be sure to neutralize the water before you drain it, if you have been using chemicals. Once your tub is empty, just give it a simple wipe. Marine grade aluminum is naturally hygienic, so it’s super easy to clean. And don’t forget about emptying out your ash! Instead of throwing it in your trash can, it can be used as a fertilizer for your garden or placed in your compost pile. Wood ash has essential nutrients that help promote plant growth and enrich the soil. Who knew your garden could benefit so much from your hot tub?

Shout It From The Rooftops! 

Lastly, be sure to tell your friends how you are making your hot tub experience more eco-friendly. This will encourage them to look for ways to be more sustainable in their own hot tub routines, and likely in other aspects in their lives. Even the smallest changes done by many people can lead to a large positive impact.   

Not only are AlumiTubs one of the most sustainably made hot tubs on the market, but the company gives you so many different options as to how you can use their wood-fired hot tubs more sustainably. With thoughtful consideration, enjoying your AlumiTub can be both relaxing and sustainable. By choosing sustainable wood, maximizing your heating efficiency and conserving water to the best of your ability; a few mindful changes can go a long way. 

Now go enjoy your soak, sustainably!

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