How Wood Burning Hot Tubs Work

How Wood Burning Hot Tubs Work

If you know how to make a fire, you can heat a wood fired hot tub. All you need is wood, water, and good company. But some matches and the tips in this post won't hurt. 

Natural hot tubs in Canada offer a simple, ritualistic experience. It's pared down living at its finest. Connecting to nature is easy to do without the bells and whistles of electric hot tubs. You can fill a wood fired hot tub with water sourced directly from a lake, ocean or river nearby your property, or even set up right on the shore. Light the fire in the stove and listen to the fire crackle, the frogs croak, and the sound of the trees rustling in the wind as you stare up at the night sky. Chopping the wood, lighting the fire, and letting it heat the water creates an elemental, primitive luxury to enjoy mother nature in its purest form. Just unplug, unwind, and relish the ritual wood fired hot tubs have to offer.

1. Fill tub with salt or fresh water

wood fired hot tub aluminum

2. Light a fire in the stove and wait 2-3 hours for initial heat

wood fired hot tub firebox

3. Hop in once it reaches 102 degrees and keep it hot with just an armful of wood a day

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AlumiTubs are built with 3 layers of heat retention and intentionally designed with an internal wood stove for optimal heat properties and safety. Unlike wood tubs without a lining, AlumiTubs maintain their temperature with just an armful of wood a day. Put the cover on overnight when you go to bed and it will stay within 2-3 degrees. Put a log on in the morning while you drink your coffee and by the time you're done your avocado toast, it'll be back up to hot tubbing temperature.

wood fired hot tub soak 

To expedite the initial heat time, or use your wooden barrel hot tub during high heat where there may be a fire ban, or in a residential area where wood fire may not be permitted by municipal bylaws, you can also request compatibility with an alternative fuel source, such as propane or gas.

To see a wood burning hot tub in action, visit our Instagram page  or check out our videos, or watch this demo for detailed steps to heat your AlumiTubs wood heated hot tubs.

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