Louise Strilchuck

We've had ours for close to 2 years. Very peaceful and relaxing. It's easy to heat and maintain the temp. in warmer weather, but when the temp. drops to -10 to -20 we burn a...

John Marvin

We live in haliburton Ontario, tub arrived , no damages , took out the packed contents , rolled it down our lane way , flipped it into the deck , put on the wood slats...

Sarah Jean

Amazing service and product! This is an amazing design, easy to clean, move, and enjoy. I am so happy with this tub. Josh was incredible with his customer service and so helpful with answering questions and...

Scott Dirkson

Wanted to let you know that we love our Alumitub, fantastic quality!


We're in Bozeman, MT. You've done tubs for two of my OSM Construction clients in the last year. I really appreciate the quality of your product and need one for my remote cabin on Houser.

Ross Dempster

Probably the best thing to happen this summer. Tonight's lesson, over fuelling the fire also means overheating the hot tub! Got it to 120 in absolutely no time...damn that's bloody efficient!

Martha, Vancouver Island

We have used the hot tub every day since we got it. We have almost mastered getting the water to reach 104F in the late evening after lighting the fire upon coming home from work. We have even had a few nights where it was too hot! FM has expressed his surprise at how much he enjoys our evening star-gazing sessions. It took twenty years to convince him but now the fun begins!

Teresa WR

We absolutely love our hot tub, we made a platform, some stairs & a ledge around the tub to sit on & for drinks :)

Dave Bishop

Luv our tub

Fran Dobranski

We are loving the tub!!!