Pioneering The Original Aluminum Wood Burning Hot Tub

Wood fired hot tub

The AlumiTub Performs Better. Unrivalled Quality. Obsessive Engineering. A Wood Fired Hot Tub Built to Endure.

But how did we get here? The AlumiTub was designed in 2001 to outperform traditional wooden hot tubs. We took every opportunity to add unexpected function, rigor and grit. Canadians know winter, and one thing we know for sure is that you’ll never worry about being cold in an AlumiTub. 

Our triple insulated cedar hot tub uses an internally submerged firebox, holding its heat with just an armful of wood a day. With unparalleled heat performance, we guarantee your AlumiTub will get hot and stay hot, even in sub zero temperatures. 

Merging form and function, it was designed with the beauty and timelessness of wooden hot tubs, made only more enduring and functional thanks to its marine grade aluminum foundation. With 360 degree insulation and an expertly welded internally submerged firebox engineered for unparalleled heat performance, its these often untold and yet long thought out design decisions that have made the AlumiTub beloved by thousands over the past 22 years.

Heating a wood fired hot tub


The wood burning hot tub was originally prototyped from the backyard of a cabin on a small island off the coast of British Columbia, where our wood fired hot tub has always been the centrepiece of time spent at the cabin. Bringing family, friends and neighbours together, it draws us in every morning and night we're there. Wanting to improve on the shortcomings of cedar hot tubs for an easier to use experience, Eric got to work. His main goal: to design a wood fired hot tub that would never leak. Applying his knowledge of aluminum from his career in aero engineering, Eric found even more ways a hot tub built from aluminum could yield a better way to soak. Making the hot tub moveable, pre-assembled, easy to use and maintain, and with 360 degree insulation, he protyped the original aluminum wood fired hot tub. Not only would it never leak, it could be filled with salt water right from the Pacific Ocean, extending its water longevity for weeks at a time and preserving the limited water they had at their remote property. That was over two decades ago, and while there's more aluminum wood fired hot tubs on the market now (imitation is flattery), AlumiTubs have led the wood fired hot tub market in durability, function and performance, building thousands of AlumiTubs for families on just about every lake you can find on a map of North America. 

This year we refined the AlumiTub for wood fired hot tubbers to experience the contentment and escapism it offers at any property, even if they don't have a cabin of their own.  Customized for each property, we added flexible heating options for electric use during fire season and full time, year round use with filtration to keep the water clean. 

Heating in around 90 minutes and retaining its heat with just an armful of wood a day, or set on autopilot with our electric heating options, wood fired hot tubbing is now more accessible for people to find the contentment of cabin culture beyond the windows of home. It's easier than ever to use for daily soaks, removes the chore of changing the water and reduces water consumption, and is no longer off-limits during fire season.

Offgrid wood burning hot tub

Beyond these features, we've developed decades of expertise serving families across Canada and the US, and we know just what makes a better hot tub. Here's a few things that make the AlumiTub better designed:


Round vs. Rectangle

There's a difference between round hot tubs and those that are designed like a rectangular bath tub. In the spirit of fostering connection and honouring the timeless aesthetic of a cedar barrel hot tub, the AlumiTubs round shape serves two functions:  

1. It can be rolled easily into place, not lifted. This allows it to be moved with ease - both for delivery and initial placement, and for the flexibility to move it where you want it to go over the decades. 

2. It's a place to gather where you won't need to lay down and play footsies with the person at the other end of the tub, which in our experience, is a more comfortable way to hot tub. Otherwise it can feel like sharing a bath, which could be done by, well - sharing a bath. 

Room for Everyone

This year we released our 2 person wood fired hot tub to offer even more options for different size households to our collection of Standard and Large wood fired hot tubs, which comfortably seat up to 8 people of all shapes and sizes. With a range of three different sizes, each AlumiTub is intentionally designed with the same internal depth - so even the tallest person in your group won't need to suffer the cold shoulder.

Family are chilling in the wood burning hot tub

Cedar Exterior, Aluminum Interior

The AlumiTub is built with Canadian Western Red Cedar for its seating, the protective firebox fence, and the exterior of the wood burning hot tub. It's a timeless material sourced responsibly with FSC wood from within our local community. Known for its enduring qualities, it's one of the worlds most beautiful and sought after woods. The cedar infuses the air with an invigorating scent allowing for an immersive soaking experience that's connected with nature.

The marine grade aluminum foundation is a finished unit with seats, stove and protective fencing all in place for fast and easy set up. It's pre-assembled, portable, lightweight for one to two people to handle by rolling on its side, durable for off-road commutes, and sized intentionally for loading into a small boat or onto a truck bed to fit between the wheel wells. It's size, weight and durable materials allow it to be placed on a flat surface, with not electrical or plumbing installation required. 


Hot, no matter how cold outside, the AlumiTub is guaranteed to get hot and stay hot. 

The submerged firebox sits inside the AlumiTub directly heating the water allowing it to perform better in cold climates and reducing wasted wood by heating the water more efficiently. It heats the water faster (90 minutes for the Small) than externally placed fireboxes and provides a safer environment where it can't be tripped over or come into contact with. While the firebox is cool to touch under water, the cedar protective fencing keeps bodies from coming into contact with it. 

The size is of the firebox is the same for each AlumiTub regardless of seating capacity. Expertly welded in our shop on the Sunshine Coast, each one is precision built for quality and longevity by our skilled welders. Designed larger than other wood fired hot tubs to heat faster, use less wood, and achieve higher temperatures - because for most of our customers one things for sure - they know very cold winters! 

Wood fired hot tub firebox


The AlumiTub is insulated around the drum of the tub as well as beneath and on the surface of the water beneath the cedar lid. This helps expedite the heat time and keeps it hot with less firewood required to fuel it. 

To keep the insulation concealed, we offer an optional stainless steel bottom band so that it sits neatly concealed beneath the hot tub. The lack of heat loss keeps the AlumiTub hotter than other wood fired hot tubs, with an overnight temperature loss of just a few degrees compared to ten or more for uninsulated tubs. 

Canadian Western Red Cedar (that's FSC certified and locally sourced) adds an additional layer of insulating wood, with reflective insulation sandwiched between it and the aluminum foundation. 


Unlike regular wood hot tubs, the AlumiTub will never leak. Hot tubs built of wood alone will eventually leak and rot from the constant swelling and contracting of the wood which are structurally integral to holding the tub together. The AlumiTub is formed of marine grade aluminum that's renowned for its strength, durability and resistance to rust or corrosion, while taking form with cedar components including its seats, firebox fence, lid and cedar exterior cladding. Our aluminum foundation was pioneered because of these leak-free qualities for a lifetime of use, and each AlumiTub is water tested before it leaves our shop. Not too precious to be enjoyed - it's a worry free hot tub solution that's become beloved by thousands who have bought their own.  


The AlumiTubs marine grade aluminum foundation is smooth and easy to wipe clean with a soft cloth and good ole soap and water. The cedar components can be accessed on all sides and scrubbed clean with a soft brush. Our new filtration options keep the AlumiTub clean just as it does with regular at-home hot tubs. 


One of the benefits to being a manufacturer of wood fired hot tubs is that we can customize every order for our customers unique property and set-up. Our drain kit allows for drainage to a convenient location, back into a lake or ocean where it came from, or to be recycled into the garden. Unlike most other wood fired hot tubs for sale, we don't import our tubs or outsource our manufacturing. This allows us to build a better hot tub. We can personalize each one, use the highest quality materials, precision build it by hand, and test it before leaving our shop. 


Every AlumiTub is built to accommodate flexible heating & filtration solutions - whether it be solar, electric, or natural gas powered, the options are there for customers to explore should they choose a solution to augment their wood fired heat. We now offer our own electric heating kit for unbound hot tubbing by adding a fuss free, set it and forget it heating and filtration unit for water that's clean and won't freeze. Undeterred by noise, it's quiet, pre-assembled and hidden inside a cedar step, ready to plug into an outdoor socket - no power upgrades required. It allows every property to experience wood fired hot tubbing full time and year round. 

Cedar hot tub temperature


The AlumiTub stands in a class of its own. Pioneering the original aluminum hot tub is one thing, but quite another is in the way we've intentionally upheld our small town values. Sourcing local materials that are 100% recyclable, employing local skilled tradespeople, supporting Canadian businesses, and choosing to keep our production small are all but some of the choices we've made to continue building excellence in every single tub that leaves our shop. From handshakes to handcrafting your tub, we're proudly small town with thousands of (verifiable) 5 star testimonials to show for it. We believe in the spirit of connection and community, and that if there's a job worth doing, it's worth doing well. 

Wood fired hot tub at the cabin

AlumiTubs stand in a class of its own. Uniquely designed and meticulously crafted, its not your average wood fired hot tub.

  • Its self drafting internally submerged firebox is cut and welded to perfection for more efficient and powerful heating than any other wood fired hot tub on the market
  • With three layers of insulation, the AlumiTub is hot, no matter how cold outside
  • With minimal overnight temperature loss (3C from 40C), it's ready for hot tubbing with just an armful of wood a day
  • When adventure calls, the tub can be set on cruise control with the optional Flexible Heating Kit
  • Proven to perform in extreme winter temperatures (up to -30C)
  • Dual fuel compatibility for residential or off-grid applications
  • Filtration flexibility for on-grid environments
  • Custom drainage to an ideal location on your property
  • Safety features include an internally submerged firebox that's not hot to touch under water, and a protective fence to avoid contact with the chimney


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