Canadian Red Cedar ~~~

Product Title$99.00 CAD

Rustic in nature with timeless appeal, the AlumiTub has a natural aesthetic that entwines with nature. The enduring materials connect with its surrounding landscape. Holding the classic beauty of a traditional cedar hot tub, made only more enduring thanks to its marine grade foundation. The sustainably sourced Canadian Western Red cedar silvers and grays like the best of us as time marches on, and infinitely recyclable marine grade aluminum develops a patina from the years of water that filled it. With the great passage of time and collected memory, its age only adds more dimension.

Made for forever ~~~~~~~

Product Title$99.00 CAD

Built to perform, we took every opportunity to add unexpected function, rigor and grit. Canadians know winter, and one thing we know for sure is that you’ll never worry about being cold in an AlumiTub. Our triple insulated wood burning hot tub uses an internally submerged firebox, holding its heat with just an armful of wood a day. With unparalleled heat performance, we guarantee your AlumiTub will get hot and stay hot, even in sub zero temperatures. 

Dual fuel compatible ~~~

Product Title$99.00 CAD

Have your cake and eat it too. Off-grid or on, the tub's hot. Wood fired at its core with alternatives to heat it your way, dual-fuel compatibility provides the same convenience of an electric hot tub in a more sustainable, economical, and aesthetically appealing way.

  • Accelerate the initial heat time. When time is of the essence, dual heating allows you to heat the water in half the time.
  • With the added bonus of filtration, you'll only need to change the water every few months.
  • With natural gas, propane, solar or electric heat, your wood fired hot tub can be safely used during the dry season when fire regulations are in effect.
  • Keep your wood fired hot tub from freezing year round without emptying the water.

Hot, no matter how cold outside

Made for forever

The World's Highest Performing Wood Fired Hot Tub

Sure to never leak, AlumiTubs are enduring as the memories you'll make using it.


No electricity or chemicals required

Made to go offgrid, our marine grade aluminum foundation is naturally hygienic for weekend use and customizable with filtration and secondary heating for the more frequent soaker.


Pre-assembled & lightweight

Easy to move and durable for off-road terrain. Just roll it off the truck, boat or trailer into place on any flat surface where the views the finest. Quick and intuitive set up, no muscle required.


Easy to clean

For properties with limited water and people who have better things to do than clean. Low-maintenance and naturally hygienic, just open the drain to empty, rinse, wipe with a soft cloth and refill again.


Extreme winter use

Easy to winterize or use all winter long, the AlumiTub is hot, no matter how cold outside. Triple insulated with an internally submerged firebox offering unparalleled heat performance, even in the thick of winter. Hot in as little as 90 minutes, staying hot with just an armful of wood a day.


Fresh or saltwater

Built with a marine grade aluminum foundation. Fill with salt or freshwater from the natural environment to eliminate wasted resources, and recylcle back into the environment when you're done or maintain the water cleanliness for months at a time with our Flexible Heating & Filtration Kit.


Built from recycled materials

Each and every one of our wood fired hot tubs are made from infinitely recyclable materials sourced locally from within our community. We shake hands at our local mill and roll up our sleeves to expertly handcraft AlumiTubs on Canadian soil.

Slowing down the moments you don't want to miss

A wood fired hot tub is the near definition of warm comforts - a place for simple pleasures and for sharing the finer moments together, in the great outdoors. Like a drive through the countryside, we lend ourselves a little more fully to the moment. To those we share it with, and to the beauty that surrounds us as we follow nature’s lead. 

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Built better

From our shop where we shake the hands that make it, each one is precision built and pressure tested for quality with premium, locally sourced materials. We cheers with friends at our local mill, support our community, and employ real people rather than machinery.

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Designed different

AlumiTubs pioneered the original aluminum hot tub in 2001 to outperform traditional cedar hot tubs. Designed for life at the cabin and customizable for residential use, our wood fired hot tub was the first of its kind. Handbuilt with a marine grade aluminum foundation for unparalleled performance, we're often imitated, never duplicated.

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Sustainably made

AlumiTubs are made with FSC certified Canadian Western Red Cedar from responsibly managed forests on the west coast of British Columbia. Durable, long lasting, and renewable, our wood is harvested using sustainable forestry practices, grown and milled right here in our backyard.

Canada's Wood Burning Hot Tub Company Since 2001

We have happily been using our AlumiTub for nearly 20 years. Thank you for building such a remarkable product. I can't tell you about the countless happy hours we have spent in its warm confines.

Heidi & Bruce Ruegg

One of our best investments we've ever made! Perfecting the art & science of building the optimal fire and temp of our tub has been a fun & enriching experience. It's given us a greater appreciation for the natural beauty of our property and for hot & cold therapy. We experienced a significant uptick in off-season rentals at our vacation property. All to say, our AlumiTub investment has paid back in spades both personally and financially.

Ryan Fowler & Taylor McIndless

The Brook PEC, Prince Edward County

Much better than our old wooden hot tub. Really good people and product. Easier and cleaner than the wooden one. We get to -30F around here. I put extra insulation on the top. Water will hold its heat for a long time. We bought the hot spring to us and it's been worth every penny. Great way to start your Sunday in Interior Alaska. Get yourself one. Good people and great product.

Jake Gulo


WE LOVE OUR HOT TUB! It has increased airbnb bookings 10 fold! It's a huge hit. This beautiful aluminum tub is located at our Airbnb property @cabin_on_the_river in Narrowsburg, NY in the western Catskills/ upper Delaware valley. The hut tub is just steps to the ten mile river. We fill the hot tub thru a sub pump right from the river.

Jennifer MacFarlane


It's currently overlooking the Northumberland Strait. It's very close to being filled with water from the Strait. We are very excited! Thank you for going the extra mile for us. You were calm, courteous and comforting. It's great knowing that there are still great people/companies who genuinely care about their customers!

Hugh & Lorena

New Glasgow, Nova Scotia

We finally got snow on the east coast and couldn't have been more excited to finally get in and enjoy this in the winter. So happy with your product!

Ashley Margeson

East Coast, Canada

No words. Best hot tub of our lives! Easy to set up and enjoy the same night! The hubs made some quick stairs from all the packaging, down to the last screw. Thanks again to you and the team!! Go Canada made. Thanks for making an amazing product

BC's Little Nugget

Lillooet Loop

A wood-fired hot tub, a cold beverage (I prefer champagne to keep it classy lololol), surrounded by trees encrusted in front and snow...this is winter. Just add friends and laughter

Stasia Schmidt

Backcountry Lodges, BC

It's super relaxing! So peaceful sitting in it. It's the best in the morning when you hear the birds chirping.

Cec & Ari

Saltspring Island, BC

Tonight was our first of many family soaks...and wow! I'll find the words tomorrow. Kudos to my guys for all their efforts.

Sue Fairburn

Bowen Island, BC

Made to go places

Lightweight & portable for whatever you call a road. From the back of a pick up truck, or island bound by boat, our wood fired hot tubs have made their way to thousands of properties off the beaten path.

Time well spent

In a world that's fast, it's rare to find a place where speed isn't glorified. Like the warm comforts of a campfire, heating it is half the fun. With a dose of grit and a deep seated certainty that it's time well spent, your wood burning hot tub will become your favourite passage of time.

Prebuilt and unplugged

Arrives as an assembled unit for easy, quick set up. Roll it on its side off the boat, up the dock, through the trail and by the waters edge. Any flat surface will do.

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Log off for the weekend and throw another one on the fire

A retreat from screens, honking horns, and to-do lists. Starry nights and space in every direction. Where highways become backroads, escaping to a place with more trees than people. Fully focused on the task at hand, where it smells like wood and feels like home - we find rural life at its best. The sound of silence broken by crackles coming from the fire, it offers an appeal that is truly universal. As we soak in the goodness of a wood fired hot tub, there's a deep seated certainty that it's time well spent.

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Wood burning hot tub

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