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Wood-fired hot tub canadian cedar wooden hot tub
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Handcrafted Wood Burning Hot Tub

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Wood-fired hot tubs are about getting back to basics and embracing natures luxury. They create an eco-friendly, low-cost hot tubbing experience for the cabin, cottage, lake house, winter chalet, outback campsite, or your own backyard. Simply fire up the stove and relax in nature as you listen to the wood crackle and smell the rich scent of Canadian western red cedar fill the air.

Benefits of Wood Burning Hot Tubs

  • Economical - All you need is wood, water, and good company. No electricity, no expensive heating bills, no repairs, maintenance or operating costs.
  • Easy on the environment - Green by their very nature, wood-fired hot tubs are a guilt-free indulgence. Soak in water as hot as you want, free from fossil fuels.
  • All Season Use - Heat and maintain a temperature of 104 degrees during Canadian winters, or turn it into a cool bath for a hot summer afternoon.

“The total cost for using it throughout last winter was $50, for one-third of a cord of wood.” - Darryl B.

Unique Benefits of AlumiTubs

  • Lightweight & Portable - Take your hot tub to the cabin, an outback campsite, or stay right at home nestled under the stars in your own backyard. No fancy foundation required, simply place the hot tub on an even surface.
  • Hygienic & Low Maintenance - Leisure time should feel leisurely. The aluminum lining protects your hot tub from bacterial growth found in traditional cedar hot tubs so you can spend your free time relaxing.
  • Chemical-Free Hot Tubbing - The aluminum interior allows you to use your wood-fired hot tub without the use of chemicals. Fill with salt or fresh water, leave it filled year-round, or drain and re-use the water for irrigation or other purposes on your property without damaging the environment.
  • Will Never Leak - Unlike traditional wood-fired hot tubs, an AlumiTub is made from marine-grade aluminum ensuring your hot tub will never rot or leak.
  • Fast Heating - The combination or an aluminum lining and submerged firebox allow for faster and more even heating with 3 layers of heat retention - the lining, insulation, and exterior cedar cladding. Heat in 2 hours and maintain your desired temperature with just an armful of wood a day.
  • Easy to Set Up - Simply roll the hot tub into place, fill with water and light the fire. Just add the cedar cladding when it's convenient. 
  • Handcrafted in Canada - Each piece is meticulously made by hand on the Sunshine Coast, BC and individually pressure tested for quality. Made with 100% recyclable and local materials that are easy on the environment.
  • Flexible Heating Methods - Designed for wood-fired fuel as its primary heating method due to its unparalleled quality of heat regulation, its low impact on the environment, and for the ritualistic experience. Secondary heating methods, such as gas or propane, can also be used for times when closed fires are banned in your area (always check your local regulations).
  • Made for Comfort - We designed AlumiTubs to be deeper and larger than other wood-fired hot tubs, comfortably covering your shoulders at 38 inches deep.