Standard Tub

Designed to comfortably seat 4-5 people, the tub is 6ft in diameter, and with an internal depth of 38 inches, it'll keep even the tallest person in your family warm. It holds 450 gallons of water with a 5000 lb filled weight. Just the 2 of you? It's just as cozy for a couple, doesn't take up a big foot print on your property, and heats just as effectively as a smaller model would. 

Large Tub

Designed to comfortably seat 6-8 people, the tub is 7ft in diameter, with the same internal depth as our 4-5 person model. It holds 650 gallons of water and can be placed on any even surface that's able to hold a 6000 lb filled weight. This option is most popular for families and social folk. Have alot of friends? You'll want this one to host them all at your place.