From Prototype to Protege, AlumiTubs Became a Cabin Legacy

19 years ago, Eric got to work designing a prototype for his own personal hot tub. He and his wife Wendy wanted to enjoy the outdoors and find a way to get their kids and grandkids to come visit their cabin on Thromamby Island off the Sunshine Coast, BC Canada.

Dissatisfied with the wooden hot tub options on the market, Eric put his trade skills in the airplane fabrication industry to the test and developed a solution that would provide the function and performance they were looking for - quick to clean, lightweight enough to get it there by boat, hygienic, made to never leak so they could conserve their limited water, use with salt water from the ocean during for waterfront soaks, could be used throughout the cold Canadian winters, and would not only be quick to heat, but would retain its temperature for days at a time.

Formerly a sheet metal worker, Eric spent time developing aluminum solutions for boats and airplanes. He knew full well of the beneficial properties marine grade aluminum had to offer. In search of a solution for his wood fired hot tub, he turned to these materials he knew best - trusty marine grade aluminum for the structure of the tub, a welded wood-stove, and locally sourced western red cedar for the exterior. Every element thoughtfully designed to deliver a functional purpose - from the internally submerged wood stove for safety and heat efficiency, to the  weather-proof insulation sandwiched between the lining, and the wood cladding to keep the water hot, enough depth to keep their tallest friends warm, and lightweight enough to load into the back of the truck and fit on the boat.

Before they knew it, the tub was no longer just a fun project for their own use. Neighbours, family and friends they shared their tub with wanted one of their own to enjoy, and thousands of wood fired hot tubs later, the rest is history. 

AlumiTubs became the cabin cornerstone, sought after by their neighbours and neighbours neighbours in the cabin community. Dubbed "AlumiTubs" for obvious reasons, it became Canada's leading wood fired hot tub. 20 years later and those first tubs have become family heirlooms that are still ticking along just as well as the day they were first used.

The aluminum wood fired hot tubs have made their way to thousands of happy families - from cabin owners, winter recreation enthusiasts, wilderness resorts and rural accommodations, offgrid adventurists, to home owners who prefer the simplified model of a wood fired hot tub for their backyard.

During that time we’ve received hundreds of photo’s from our customers having fun at the cabin with friends and family, stories of the adventures they shared, and compliments for building a quality product that works just as it ought to - easily, and enjoyably, without the woes of traditional hot tubs.

Since passing the baton to our family in 2019, we became Eric's protege, building every tub with the same precision and pride. We honour Eric & Wendy’s legacy in the cabin community by building the best wood fired hot tub that exists today, and by treating every customer like they’re a friend. Our heart and soul goes into every tub that leaves our shop. We know it will be the cornerstone at our customers property and at the heart of their experience with those they share it with. We build our wood fired hot tubs to weather the decades with grace, to create a unique and simplified experience to enjoy the outdoors, and to have fun doing it. 

- Josh, Laura & Lola

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