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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of a wood fired hot tub?

Wood fired fuel offers the most economical and eco-friendly hot tubbing experience. There’s no ongoing expense to operating and enjoying your hot tub because they don’t require electricity, complicated installation, the use of chemicals or ongoing maintenance. Get back to basics with wood and water. 

The classic design offers a beautiful, timeless wood aesthetic to homes, cabins, chalets and cottages; and the best part - it can be enjoyed off grid in the outback, or at home on the patio. Unplug and unwind in nature’s luxury, enjoy the ritual of lighting a fire and listen to the wood crackling as you soak under the stars.

What makes AlumiTubs better than other wooden / cedar tubs?

We designed our hot tubs with an aluminum interior and cedar exterior, so our customers will have all the beautiful properties of traditional wood fired hot tubs, but with the added benefit of a marine grade aluminum lining. This lining reduces the need for maintenance or chemical treatments, results in lifelong durability free of leaks, permits the use of salt or freshwater, and creates unparalleled heat retention.

Traditional cedar hot tubs require higher maintenance than AlumiTubs due to the growth of algae and bacterial growth, have shorter lifespans due to leakage caused by the cycle of swelling and drying of wood, and don't retain heat as efficiently. 

AlumiTubs are thoughtfully crafted with the premium qualities of an aluminum liner, and the beautiful design of a classic cedar hot tub. Each piece is meticulously built by hand, pressure tested for quality, and locally made and operated in Sechelt, BC Canada.

Why do AlumiTubs have an aluminum lining? 

  • We use a marine-grade aluminum interior, taking the traditional wood burning hot tub and making it more durable, hygienic, and easy to maintain. 
  • The aluminum lining ensures your wood burning hot tub will never leak.
  • Allows owners to enjoy their hot tub with salt or freshwater without the use of chemical treatments or filtration systems.
  • Portable. Customers can enjoy their offgrid hot tub wherever their outdoor adventures take them - a cottage, cabin, lake house, winter chalet, campsite and back home again.
  • A fully assembled product. Simply roll it into place. 
  • Unlike plastic liners, aluminum is a recyclable material.
  • The aluminum lining allows for faster and more even heating with 3 layers of heat retention - the lining, insulation, and exterior cedar cladding.
  • Unlike traditional wood fired hot tubs, an AlumiTub won't rot or leak and can be left filled or empty throughout any season.

    Other benefits:

    • The aluminum lining, submerged firebox, and additional insulation create better heat retention than any other wood burning hot tub.
    • The submerged firebox creates more efficient heating than external wood fired hot tub stoves.
    • Wood burning hot tubs are fueled without electricity, making it the most economical and environmentally conscious option. All you need is wood and water!
    • Made with comfort in mind! AlumiTubs are deeper and larger than other wood fired hot tubs, comfortably covering shoulders at 38 inches deep, and seating up to 8 adults.
    • Everything you need to use your wood fired hot tub is included in the price - no add ons or upgrades are necessary; although we highly recommend purchasing a cedar lid to retain heat when not in use, and to protect unsupervised children on your property from falling in. 
    • Can be used with alternative heating methods like natural gas and propane.
    • Made with 100% recyclable materials
    • AlumiTubs are thoughtfully priced for affordable luxury - high in quality, low in price.

      How can I make my wood burning hot tub dual fuelled?

      We can customize your hot tub to be compatible with alternative and dual heating sources such as propane and natural gas. 

      Why don't AlumiTubs require the use of water treatment chemicals?

      AlumiTubs don’t require chemical cleaning treatments for light use. This is because unlike electrical hot tubs that are always on, your wood fired hot tub will return to ambient temperature when not in use, therefore preventing bacterial growth. For weekend only use, the water should be changed every five or six weeks. For daily use, you can still soak chemical-free by changing the water every few weeks, or owners can safely use a bromine solution to avoid changing the water. If using bromine, be sure to dilute it in a bucket of water first.

      If I use salt water, does it need to be treated?

      No, the water will remain clean with salt water. Infrequent water changes will still be required based on your family's level of use.

      What makes an internal wood fired hot tub heater better than an external (chofu) heater?  

      AlumiTubs use an internal wood fired, submerged hot tub stove design because it offers unparalleled heat quality. The wood burning stove is fully immersed in the water, ensuring there’s no energy loss as the heat is transferred directly to the water. This offers a quicker heating time that’s more efficient with longer lasting temperature retention. It’s also safer to use than external chofu heaters because the stove does not pose a risk of burns. The heater is the same temperature as the water, whereas external stoves become very hot and can be accidentally bumped into.       

      How long do wood fired hot tubs take to heat?

      1-2 hours for the 6ft (4-5 person) hot tub and 2-3 hours for the 7ft (6-8 person) hot tub. Your hot tub will heat more quickly in the summer months as its dependent upon the temperature of the water used to fill the hot tub. Once the water has been heated up, the triple insulated AlumiTub can hold its temperature of 102-106 degrees with just a few small pieces of wood a day. With the use of a cedar lid (available for purchase), it can hold its temperature for 3-5 days. 

      How do wood fired hot tubs work?

      There’s nothing complicated with a wood fired hot tub! All you need is water and wood.

      Fill the tub with water and light the fire. Wait for the water to heat (2-4 hours depending on ambient temperature and starting temperature of the water). Stop adding wood once the water reaches 90 degrees, the water will come up to desired hot tubbing temperature of 102-104 on its own. The stove lid acts as a damper to control the stoking of the fire / controls airflow to the fire. Maintain its heat by adding a piece of wood every couple hours. When you’re done using the hot tub, just stop adding wood and the temperature will slowly drop on its own as the fire diminishes. Or if you want to keep the temperature high, cover it with the cedar lid and add a piece of wood every few hours.

      How many people will fit in the hot tub?

      The 6ft tub is intended for 4-5 people. Exceeding intended occupancy is not recommended for safe and enjoyable use.

      The 7ft hot tub is intended for 6-8 people. Exceeding intended occupancy is not recommended for safe and enjoyable use.

      How big are AlumiTubs? 

      The 6ft wood fired hot tub is 6ft in diameter and 38 inches deep (comfortably covering adult shoulders). The hot tub holds 450 gallons of water. When the hot tub is full it weighs 4500 lbs.

      The 7ft wood fired hot tub is 7ft in diameter and 38 inches deep. The hot tub holds 650 gallons of water. When the hot tub is full it weighs 6500 lbs.

      How do I take my wood fired hot tub off-grid?

      AlumiTubs can be taken anywhere and are 100% portable. Simply roll the aluminum liner onto a flat surface of your choosing. If you’re relocating your tub, just take off the wood slats and remove the chimney, turn the tub on its side and roll it like a wheel to its destination. The tub is lightweight (220lbs), making it a product you can take with you to the cabin, cottage, lake house, winter chalet, or even camping.

      What type of structure can I put it on?

      Any level surface; the ground, a concrete or gravel pad, a deck or patio. For decks and patios the structure must be able to support 4500lbs for the 6ft hot tub and 6000lbs for the 7ft hot tub. A barrier (such as rigid insulation) should be used between the aluminum hot tub and pressure treated wood. Many wood fired hot tub owners use this anyway for additional insulation. The chimney must have a minimum 10ft clearance from any object.

      Where are AlumiTubs made?

      Every piece of the AlumiTub is handmade in Sechelt located on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia, Canada. We use only premium and locally sourced materials. 

      What do AlumiTubs come with?

      Everything you need to use the tub including the tub itself and the wood burning stone, as well as:

        • Planed cedar seating
        • Protective rough cedar fencing surrounding the wood stove
        • Styrofoam rigid insulation to lay on top of the water
        • Insulation to wrap around the exterior of the tub between the lining and the cedar slats
        • Rough cut cedar 1" x 4" boards for exterior cladding
        • Three 1 1/2" stainless steel bands to hold the cedar cladding around the tub
        • Thermometer
        • Scoop for removing ashes from the wood stove
        • Stainless Steel Chimney 
        • Drain 

      How do you clean an AlumiTub?

      Wipe it down with a soft cloth. If further cleaning is necessary use 1:1 water and vinegar

      What kind of wood should I use in my wood burning hot tub?

      Use any dry wood that has good heating properties. Do not burn pressure treated lumber.

      Can you burn yourself by touching the stove underwater?

      The stove is not too hot under the water and the fence offers additional protection.

      Is the firebox safe?

      The submerged portion of the firebox does not get hot enough to cause bodily harm but is best avoided and is therefore protected with a cedar fence. The upper portion of the chimney is extremely hot and should never be touched. The chimney sits on top of the stove and therefore caution is required. The chimney is positioned behind the protective fence, however the top 2/3rds of the chimney are exposed and therefore caution is required. Do not exceed seating capacity for safety purposes.

      How are AlumiTubs delivered? 

      We ship our hot tubs anywhere in the world. They can be picked up from a freight centre in any standard size truck (the 7ft hot tub requires a minimum 6'-4' box). All you need to bring with you are 2 long ratchet straps. Delivery is also available to rural locations. Contact us directly with your shipping address and we’ll get a freight rate to your region. Shipping times range from 1-8 days within North America once your tub has been built. Reserve your hot tub with a $500 deposit and we’ll secure your shipping date. 

      Can I use a wood fired hot tub during a fire ban?

      AlumiTubs are made with an enclosed and submerged firebox, which differs from what most fire regulations consider an open flame or campfire. This usually means that when open flame fires are banned, hot tub use will still be permissible. However, you should always check your local and provincial/state fire regulations. If in doubt, feel free to ask your local fire Marshall to contact us with any questions about the product so they can provide you with information specific to your local regulations.

      If the level of fire ban prohibits the use of any wood burning, you can use an alternative heating method like propane or natural gas. Contact us to request this compatibility for your AlumiTub.