Standard Tub

  • Seats 5 people
  • 6ft in diameter
  • Internal depth of 38 inches (it'll keep even tallest person in your family warm)
  • holds 450 gallons of water with a 5000 lb filled weight

Just the 2 of you? It's just as cozy for a couple, doesn't take up a big foot print on your property, conserves water because it's easy to keep clean for weeks (and sometimes months) with a single fill, will never leak, and offers exceptional heat retention.

Large Tub 

  • Seats 8 people
  • 7ft in diameter
  • internal depth of 38 inches
  • holds 650 gallons of water and a 6000 lb filled weight

This option is most popular for families and social folk. Have neighbours at the lake? You'll want this one to host them all at your place.