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Wood burning hot tubs create a unique experience that brings people together to make memories they’ll cherish forever. We believe our role in that is to create a superior product that’s durable, long lasting, and easy to maintain, so you can spend more time being present for the things that matter - like soaking under a blanket of stars, smelling the cedar aroma from the wood stove, and spending time with those you love, wherever it is you love to be. These photo's are a glimpse into those memories made, and adventures shared by our customers.

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Wood Fired Hot Tub Testimonials

"I LOVE my new hot tub!!!! Enjoying watching the sunset each evening while I soak and take in the wonderful smell of woodsmoke and the cedar. It is a dream come true and I can’t thank you both enough!" - Jodie J.

"We picked up our beautiful tub on Wednesday!!! Thank you for your excellent customer service and speedy delivery. I’m sure you will be hearing from us again once we finish our house :) :)." - Jen W.

“10/10. We had friends near Radium Hot Springs who loved their unit so we purchased one last year for a farm we are renovating. It is wonderful! We decided to pick it up ourselves and met the owners who were super helpful. It took just over 4 hours from unloading it to have it all setup and filled with water. On weekends, it's pretty much in use every night.” - Kathy

"We love the tub!" - Browett

"A real hit at the lake!" - Munro

"You made an aluminum & cedar tub that I really enjoy" - Weil

"I'm impressed by how it retains its temperature. We had a wood one before without the aluminum that didn't retain heat this well. Thank you!" -Moraw

"You were right, we love it!" - Mennie

"Once it heats, boy does it heat!" - Wilson

"We travel the lake (150 miles) with hot tub on board!"- Scott

"All of our family and friends think that this is the best "toy"
that we have purchased" - Dunn

"Loving our hot tub!" - Sweeting

"I would like to not only compliment you on the simplicity/practicality of the design but I was impressed with the way everything was so neatly packed for shipping" - Novakowski

"After a great day of snowmobiling, we loved coming back to the AlumiTub" -Warren

"-25 on Green Lake and we're still in it every night" - Hughes

"Loved and used at Blind Bay on Nelson Island" - Dave P.

"Looks great and runs great. Thank you guys" - Burtt

"We now spend all year at the cottage in Northern BC. Thank you" - Zurowsky

"Kids are eager to swim in the lake now knowing they can pop up to the tub" - Gillian R.

"Thanks for building such a quality product" - Knox

"Will spread the word how great this tub is" - Norland

"Tub is better than even imagined" - Michael

"Every visitor can't stop talking about it" - Thornbrook

"Very excited to make our tub part of our home here on Texada Island" - Kate

"Favourite attraction at our cottage" - Thorp

"The best part was our daughter saying "oooh, it's soooo nice" - Paula

"So simple but so classic" - Barbara

"Now the family comes to the cottage even on rainy weekends" - Bob

"It's truly a winner" - Janice

"Everybody loves it." - Zwamborn

"Love that we can fill it with seawater" - Gamage

"Compliments to you for the exquisite craftsmanship" - Gail

"Cold or hot nights, we're in the tub. Thanks!" - Wayne