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Aluminum Wood Fired Hot Tub

A Unique Wood-Fired Hot Tub Design

AlumiTubs are designed with an aluminum marine grade interior lining, and an indigenous western red cedar exterior. This intentional design creates all the beautiful properties of traditional wood-fired hot tubs, with the added benefit of leak-free durability, lightweight portability, and a hygienic and low maintenance basin that's easy to clean, reduces the need for maintenance, and can even be filled with salt or freshwater. The lining paired with the internally submerged stove also creates better heat retention than external stoves and unlined cedar hot tubs. This allows for all-season use, even in Canada's coldest winters.

Traditional cedar hot tubs require higher maintenance than AlumiTubs due to the growth of algae and bacteria, and due to eventual rot and leakage. Unlined wood fired hot tubs have shorter lifespans and will eventually leak due to the cycle of swelling and drying of wood.  


    • Made with comfort in mind! AlumiTubs are deeper and larger than other wood fired hot tubs, comfortably covering shoulders at 38 inches deep, and seating up to 8 adults.
    • Our pricing is highly competitive, and you'll only need to make this purchase once in your lifetime. A traditional cedar hot tub can't make that claim. We often serve customers replacing their wooden tubs after only a few years of use. Everything you need to use your AlumiTub is included in the price - no add ons or upgrades are necessary; although we highly recommend purchasing a cedar lid to retain heat when not in use, and to protect unsupervised children on your property.
    • The aluminum lining, submerged firebox, and additional insulation create better heat retention than any other wood burning hot tub. The submerged firebox creates more efficient heating than external wood fired hot tub stoves.
    • Made with 100% recyclable materials
    • Can be made compatible with alternative heating methods like natural gas and propane.
    • Easy to assemble! AlumiTubs are shipped as a complete product and can be rolled into place, filled with water, and up to comfortable hot tubbing temperature in just a few hours.

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    Aluminum Wood Fired Hot Tub