AlumiTubs are sold as a complete wood fired hot tub kit! Everything you need is included in the price. 

You'll receive all of these items:

  • A mounted marine-grade aluminum wood stove firebox
  • Planed cedar seating pre-installed
  • Styrofoam rigid insulation to lay on top of the water when not in use
  • Rough cut cedar boards for exterior cladding
  • Three stainless steel bands to hold the cedar cladding around the tub
  • Thermometer
  • Scoop for removing ashes from the woodstove
  • Stainless steel chimney 

Add these items to make your wood-fired hot tub experience even more enjoyable!

Aluminium Lid

The firebox cover is made from aluminum, designed to protect the firebox from debris when not in use. Ideal for full coverage if you don't use your tub throughout long periods of the year.


Cedar Lid

Handmade tongue and groove Canadian western red cedar lid. Used to retain heat when not in use, protect the water from debris, and ensure the safe use of your property for kids and pets


Drink Tray

Drink tray made from aluminium sits perfectly on the firebox fence to keep your drinks within arms reach