AlumiTubs are now sold as a complete wood fired hot tub kit with everything needed to add function and performance -  including free shipping to locations across Canada and the USA at no additional cost.

Wood burning hot tub

The AlumiTub is formed by a marine grade aluminum foundation as a pre-assembled, lightweight unit that can be rolled off a truck, into a boat, along a dock and into place on any flat surface.

  • Its pre-installed marine grade aluminum firebox is submerged in water for unparalleled heating performance, and is safe to touch under water with protective fencing that keeps bodies from coming into contact with its stainless steel chimney and cap.
  • Canadian Western Red cedar seating is planed and pre-installed to perfectly accommodate a solo soaker or the whole family, and rough cut cedar cladding surrounds the exterior of the tub with three stainless steel bands, nuts and bolts securing them in place.
  • A drain sits on the wall or base of the tub to accommodate different drainage needs, and flanges allow for external heating system compatibility.
  • Waterproof batt insulation provides a third layer of thermal protection for all season use, even in the most extreme winter conditions, along with rigid insulation to place beneath the cedar lid and the base of the hot tub for additional heat performance in very cold weather. 

The accessories

  • A handmade tongue and groove Canadian Western Red cedar lid retains heat when not in use, keeps debris out, and ensures the safe use of your hot tub to keep kids and pets out
  • An aluminum firebox plate helps retain heat and offer full coverage from debris.
  • An aluminum bottom band wraps around the base of the wood fired hot tub, allowing an additional layer of insulation underneath the tub while keeping it concealed beneath the band.
  • The aluminum drink tray sits on the firebox fence to keep refreshments within arms reach.
  • The thermometer comes in handy allowing you to check the temperature of the water so you know when it’s time to hop in, or throw another log on the fire
  • A scoop allows for easy removal of ashes from the wood stove
  • And a drain kit creates a flexible drainage solution with the use of a valve connecting to the base of the tub for drainage to a convenient location.

Warranty - Guaranteed to never leak

AlumiTubs are built with precision, pressure tested for quality before leaving our shop. While it should never leak, rest assured that if it does, we’ll fix it at no charge to you. True to our word and here when you call, we’re a family run independently owned business with over 20 years of service. We treat our customers the same way we would a neighbour or family friend. With thousands of tubs built, we have verifiable testimonials and photos to show for it, and you can count on us to be here over the years.