10 Person Wood Fired Aluminum Hot Tub

10 Person Wood Fired Aluminum Hot Tub

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The 7ft tub comfortably seats 8-10 people, can be heated in 2-3 hours and maintained with just an armful of wood a day. 
The low maintenance tub is constructed out of long lasting marine grade aluminum.  A cedar fence protects you from the firebox, which never gets hot enough to burn you. The firebox uses a stainless steel baffle to pre-heat and introduce the air at the bottom of the firebox. 
The tub comes pre-assembled with cedar seating and the wood stove mounted.  Included with the base tub is:
  • Planed cedar seating

  • Protective rough cedar fencing surrounding the wood stove

  • Styrofoam rigid insulation to lay on top of the water

  • Insulation to wrap around the exterior of the tub, fits underneath the cladding

  • Rough cut cedar 1" x 4" boards for exterior cladding

  • Three 1 1/2" stainless steel bands to hold the cedar cladding around the tub

  • Thermometer

  • Scoop for removing ashes from the wood stove

  • Stainless Steel Chimney (extremely long life)

 Optional equipment that can be purchased:
  • Tongue and groove cedar lid

  • Aluminum firebox cover (for when the tub is not in use)

  • Drink tray

  • Drain kit
38 inches internal depth and 7ft in diameter