8 Person Wood Fired Aluminum Hot Tub
8 Person Wood Fired Aluminum Hot Tub

8 Person Wood Fired Aluminum Hot Tub

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The 7ft wood fired hot tub comfortably seats 8 people so you can invite the whole family to soak under the stars as you listen to the sound of wood crackling and smell the scent of Canadian red cedar at the cabin, cottage, winter chalet or your own backyard!

The low maintenance wood fired hot tub is constructed out of long lasting marine grade aluminum creating premium quality heat regulation, a product that's easy to clean, and will never need replacement!

  • Will never leak
  • Can be filled with salt or fresh water
  • Heat in 2-3 hours, maintain temperature with just an armful of wood a day
  • The wood fired hot tub arrives pre-assembled for easy set up
  • Very low maintenance. Can be left empty or full of water and will never have algae growth or require the use of harsh chemicals
  • Portable and easy to move - just drain, take off the wood cladding and roll to it's new location
  • Aluminum base offers faster and more even heating than wooden hot tubs 
  • Each piece is made by hand in Secehlt, BC and water tested to ensure the highest degree of quality control

The Wood Burning Hot Tub Comes With:

  • A mounted marine-grade aluminum wood stove firebox

  • Planed cedar seating

  • Protective rough cedar fencing surrounding the wood stove

  • Styrofoam rigid insulation to lay on top of the water

  • Insulation to wrap around the exterior of the tub for underneath the wood cladding

  • Rough cut cedar 1" x 4" boards for exterior cladding

  • Three 1 1/2" stainless steel bands to hold the cedar cladding around the tub

  • Thermometer

  • Scoop for removing ashes from the wood stove

  • Stainless Steel Chimney (extremely long life)


  • 38 inches internal depth
  • 7ft in diameter 
  • Holds 650 gallons of water


  • Tongue and groove cedar lid

  • Aluminum firebox cover (for keeping debris out when the tub is not in use)

  • Drink tray

  • Drain kit