Cedar Lid

Cedar Lid

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Handmade tongue and groove Canadian western red cedar lid. Used to retain heat when not in use, protect the water from debris, and ensure the safe use of your property for kids and pets

AlumiTubs are a complete wood fired hot tub kit. Each tub comes with:

  • A mounted marine-grade aluminum wood stove firebox
  • Planed cedar seating pre-installed
  • Styrofoam rigid insulation to lay on top of the water when not in use
  • Rough cut Western Red cedar boards for exterior cladding
  • Three stainless steel bands to hold the cedar cladding around the tub
  • Thermometer
  • Scoop for removing ashes from the wood stove
  • Stainless steel chimney

To customize your wood-fired hot tub for your property, add the following accessories to your order by contacting us at alumitubs@gmail.com.

Cedar Lid

Handmade tongue and groove Canadian western red cedar lid is used to retain heat when not in use, keep debris out, and ensure the safe use of your hot tub to prevent kids and pets from accessing the tub. $600 Standard / $700 Large]

Firebox Plate

As an alternative to the aluminum storage cover, the firebox plate can be used when the tub is in operation. It covers the voids behind the cedar fence where the firebox opening and chimney are, helping to retain heat and keep debris out. When paired with the Cedar Lid, these two lids offer full coverage. $400

Bottom Band

The bottom band wraps around the base of the wood fired hot tub, allowing customers to add an additional layer of insulation underneath the tub while keeping it concealed beneath the band. $200

Drain Kit

The drain kit allows easy drainage with the use of a valve located on the outside of the tub. It connects to the base of the tub under the firebox allowing for drainage to a convenient location. To navigate water away from the tub to a ditch or garden bed, use a 1" hose with a mechanical clamp to secure to the drain kit. $100.00

Drink Tray

Made from aluminium, this accessory fits perfectly on the firebox fence to keep your drinks within arms reach. $100.00


If you'd like to make your AlumiTub compatible with an external heating system like gas or electric, we'll add two flanges to the wall of your tub so an external heater can be piped to your AlumiTub. $200

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Complete your order now. Choose your tub size and add the accessories you’d like. We’ll process your order and find the lowest shipping rate based on your postal / zip code. We’ll contact you with the rate and the earliest available date for your shipment.

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Why Wood-Fired?

Made for the wild

Lightweight, portable, and pre-assembled so it can go where you do. Durable to weather the elements and powerful enough to stay hot through the coldest Canadian winters.

A natural source of energy

AlumiTubs are made from 100% recyclable and locally sourced premium materials. It's built to never need replacement, but if you're ever done with it, you can rest assured it won't sit in a landfill. 

Pared down living

All you need is wood, water, and good company. Wood-fired heat is nature's most primitive luxury. No electricity, maintenance or repairs. Listen to the fire crackle and smell the scent of cedar while you soak under a blanket of stars. 

Built To Order

For fancier folk, yout AlumiTub can be made compatible with filtration and dual heating, making it just as good of a fit for residential use as it is for off-grid recreational properties.

canadian made wood fired hot tub being built
canadian made wood fired hot tub being built
frequently asked questions

Get answers to your questions, like how to use the tub without chemical treatments, heat time, where to put it at your property, how to clean it, safety features, and how to make it dual-fuelled.


Prices vary by location, but rest assured we'll find you the best rate possible through our freight partners. Your tub can be picked up from your nearest depot in a standard size truck, or delivered straight to your property. They're light enough to be carried on a boat, rolled into place once it gets there, and are pre-assembled so you can fill it up and hop in the same day it arrives.

aluminum wood fired hot tub
aluminum wood fired hot tub being built


All you need is wood, water, and good company. No electricity, no expensive heating bills, no repairs or maintenance.


Take your tub to the cabin, an outback campsite, or use it at home. No fancy foundation required, simply place the hot tub on an even surface.

All Season

Heat and maintain a temperature of 104+ degrees during freezing winters, or turn it into a cool bath for a hot summer afternoon.


Leisure time should feel leisurely. The aluminum lining protects your hot tub from bacterial growth found in traditional cedar hot tubs.


The aluminum interior allows use without chemical treatments. Fill with salt or fresh water and when it's time to change the water, drain and re-use it for your garden.


Unlike traditional wood-fired hot tubs, an AlumiTub is made from marine-grade aluminum ensuring your hot tub will never rot or leak.

Fast Heating

3 layers of heat retention with insulation between, and a submerged stove distributing heat faster than external fireboxes.

Heat Alternatives

Compatible with secondary heating methods such as gas or propane.


Lightweight enough to simply roll the tub into place, fill with water, and light the fire.

Reserve Your Tub

Every AlumiTub is made-to-order on the Sunshine Coast, BC Canada. Book yours for our next production date by proceeding through the online checkout, or give us a call:

Josh: (+1) 604-885-0646.

Photos from our customers

We've received 1000's of photo's from our customers enjoying their AlumiTub over the years. See how our customers make the most of their tub at recreational properties in every elemant and terrain.


Absolutely delightful. We LOVE the tub. Thank you for your amazing customer service. We're thrilled about this new addition to our cottage.

Denise, Muskoka Lake

We had the most fabulous long weekend at the cabin with our grandkids who loved the tub as much as we do. Thank you so much. 

Gail, Gambier Island

We've tried to build our cabin as cost effective as possible. There's almost zero maintenance to this system and it's far superior to a completely wood tub that will leak if it doesn't have constant water, and they're almost impossible to clean. If I had the choice to buy my tub again I would do it in a heartbeat.

Chris, Whistler

Tub arrived safely in Kamloops and on time. Hauled it to the lake and transferred from one trailer to another after unbundling it and took it the last km on an ATV road to our property. We were able to try it out and it heated the water to 102 degrees F in about 5 hours. I will send a picture when the deck is finished. We are pleased with the tub in every way. Thanks again.

James Malick, Hihium Lake

Friends of ours (Stephanie Higginson and Kevin Trotter) purchased a tub from you a few years ago and we have loved using theirs – they inspired us to get one. We have a place on Bowyer island, and can’t wait to get it fired up. Sunday morning 8am. Hadn't added a log for 11 hours and it was still 103! Thank you!

Marc Young

Hi! We're loving our new tub! The kids have taken it over! It has been a bit rainy, but the kids are still eager to swim in the lake knowing they can pop up to the tub to warm up! I can't believe how little wood it takes and how easy it stays at 40 degrees! There has been lots of interest from our cottage friends, so I've passed along your info! Thanks again for the great product & great service! Happy Summer!

Gillian Ramsey

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