AlumiTub Wood Fired Hot Tubs

Our wood fired hot tubs are made for life at the cabin, with the functions off-grid properties need. Customizable for residential use, AlumiTubs are hand-built on the Sunshine Coast of Canada. We use 100% recyclable materials sourced locally from our small town, including FSC certified Canadian Western Red Cedar and marine grade aluminum.

Designed to eliminate waste, our wood burning hot tubs are naturally hygienic and can be filled with salt or fresh water from a natural water source and safely recycled back into the environment.

Built better, our wood fired hot tub heats more efficiently than others on the market, including smaller models. With three layers of insulation, your AlumiTub is guaranteed to get hot and stay hot, even in the harshest Canadian winters. With an initial heat time of 3 hours, your AlumiTub will retain its heat for days at a time with just an armful of wood a day. Our dual-fuel hot tub accelerates the initial heat time and offer more flexible use for the home, cottage or cabin, and our electric tubs are compatible for densely populated residential use. 

Lightweight and portable for rugged commutes, our wood fired hot tub are made for remote access by pick up truck or boat. As the original aluminum hot tub, AlumiTubs were designed to outperform traditional cedar hot tubs. Low-maintenance, naturally hygienic, your AlumiTub can be used chemical-free in all-season use.