Aluminum Interior. Cedar Exterior. Why?

Aluminum Interior. Cedar Exterior. Why?

Wood fired hot tubs are popular among cabin and rural home owners alike. They're fueled by good old fashioned fire. No electricity or fancy get-ups required. Owners save on electricity and repair bills by simply lighting a fire and letting the water heat up in a matter of just a few hours. It's that simple.

The primitive nature of wood burning hot tubs is in fact what makes them so special. City slickers and country folk alike feel utterly refreshed by the simplicity of getting back to basics.

But not all wood burning hot tubs are alike. The majority of those sold in North America are imported from China, and traditional cedar hot tubs fail in a matter of years due to the constant swelling and contracting of the wood causing leaks, and the wood will eventually begin to rot. Not only that, but they’re nearly impossible to clean the bacterial growth that lives within the cracks of the wood. They can’t be moved without being disassembled, they can be complicated to assemble at your property, and they suffer in the winter months when ice forms from the water left behind.

We designed AlumiTubs for the functional benefits cabin and property owners need, with the same traditional Canadian western red cedar exterior. Made from marine grade aluminum, AlumiTubs will never leak, so you won’t lose precious water at your off grid property. With great attention to detail, we manufacture each tub to ensure they're meticulously crafted every single time. We use only the strongest, most durable and well-made materials, and we never cut corners to increase our profit margins. We have a long track record and hundreds of customer testimonials to prove it. So that you know we're not just tooting our own horn, we encourage you to reach out to our customers on our Facebook page or check out the Gallery with hundreds of photo's from happy customers using their tub over the past two decades.

Benefits of our aluminum interior:

- won’t leak

- easy to clean with soap and a soft cloth between water changes

- use salt or fresh water

- no winterizing required. Just wipe the water out before you leave the cabin for the winter, or bring it home to keep it in use. If there’s no risk of freezing, water can be left in the tub year round.

- lightweight, portable and pre-assembled, so you can haul it in the back of your boat to the cabin, in your pick up truck, roll it into place when you get there, and spend less than an hour setting it up and getting it filled for your next soak.

- superior heating. The internally submerged firebox is not only safer and is cool to touch underwater, but it ensures a quicker best time than external stoves, and the aluminum interior and cedar exterior holds an additional layer of rigid insulation, holding the heat overnight and with just an armful of wood a day.


Wood fired hot tubs should have an aluminum or steel liner. Plastic is often chewed through by rodents, creating holes that lead to leaks, and if you fill the tub with salt water it will leak in a matter of years.

Canadian Western Red Cedar is the preferred wood for wood burning hot tubs because it's long lasting, durable, beautiful, and smells amazing. But it's not cheap, and nor should it be. Every piece we use to build our handcrafted wood fired hot tubs is sourced locally, built by our own two hands, and pressure-tested for quality. That's right, we've actually filled your hot tub before it was sent to you, to triple check that there were no errors, and that you can enjoy it for many years to come. In fact, we hope your AlumiTub becomes a family heirloom that your grandkids can enjoy long after you're gone.

AlumiTubs are proudly made with 100% recyclable materials, and that's something to feel good about when you pass this heirloom on to your grand kids one day.