Why an AlumiTubs Wood-Fired Hot Tub?

A man soaking in his AlumiTubs wood-fired hot tub, enjoying the sights and sounds of nature.

There's something magical about a soak in a wood-burning hot tub. The sound of crackling firewood, the bright intensity of stars on a clear night, the rhythmic sway of trees blowing in the evening breeze, the scent of cedar in the air — dreamy right?

A Connection to Nature

Our wood-fired hot tubs foster a connection to nature. We see our tubs as an opportunity to slow down, unwind, take in the space around us, and if you're lucky  with good company too. 

Fuelled only by fire, wood-burning hot tubs skip the instant gratification of an electric hot tub for something more rewarding. Sure a jacuzzi is easy, but like instant coffee, there's just something that doesn't feel quite right about how quick it is. Satisfaction is sweeter when it's earned, and with a wood-burning hot tub, the process of creating an experience is half the fun - from filling the tub with fresh water to chopping wood, to nurturing the fire as it heats up. 


Magical, Not Electrical

An electrical hot tub gives off a constant hum thanks to the rumbling of its motor but with an AlumiTubs hot tub, that sound is replaced by the gentle crackle of a fire — and to us, that's pretty magical. Then there's the smell. A cedar-clad hot tub, like the ones we make using Canadian Western Red Cedar milled right in our backyard, exudes a warm, earthy aroma while the smoke from the fire lightly wafts through the air.

There are also practical reasons to opt for a wood-fired hot tub. They won't explode your electricity bill, can operate without toxic chemicals, and don't rely on pumps or electric heaters. They require just good old fashioned wood and water, two materials we're all familiar with, and that can be found in the wild. 

Elevating the Art of the Soak

At AlumiTubs, we're elevating the art of an old-style soak to the practicalities of the modern era. Our leak-proof interior means your tub will last for years while the cedar-clad exterior allows for a layer of extra insulation to sandwich between the tub. The stainless steel stove box, which is submerged directly in the water, distributes heat faster than external fireboxes. Our portable tubs, which weigh in at just over 200 pounds without water, can be easily moved, and because the marine grade aluminum foundation can be filled with salt or freshwater, means they can be installed and assembled virtually anywhere. 

The benefits of the aluminum foundation are unique to AlumiTubs, and they’re plenty. Our wood-fired hot tubs are cleverly built to be the most hygienic wood-fired hot tub to clean and maintain, with the lowest heat time and the highest heat retention, presenting just the right amount of manual work for a weekend at the cabin. As our friends at Huckberry say, if you take a zen approach to this process, you're bound to find a bit of enlightenment along the way. 

Want to turn your dream of tubbing under the stars into a nightly ritual? Reserve one today so you can experience the magic of an AlumiTubs wood-burning hot tub for yourself. 

Photos by Shayd Johnson.