Why An Aluminum Foundation for Your Wood-Fired Hot Tub?

AlumiTubs' marine-grade aluminum liner is highly durable and leak-proof.

Not all wood burning hot tubs are alike. The majority of those sold in North America are imported from China, and traditional cedar hot tubs fail in a matter of years due to the constant swelling and contracting of the wood, causing leaks and rot. Not to mention, they're tough to clean as bacterial growth lives within the cracks of the wood, can't be moved without being disassembled, and they suffer in winter months when ice forms from the water left behind.

Enter AlumiTubs' marine-grade aluminum foundation.

Highly Durable, Marine-Grade Interior

We designed AlumiTubs hot tubs to be functional for cabin and property owners. All AlumiTubs are built with a highly durable marine-grade aluminum structure, with traditional cedar cladding (made from Canadian Western Red Cedar) as the exterior. An aluminum foundation means your hot tub will never leak, so you won’t lose precious water at your off-grid cabin or property, and they're built to last, meaning the only thing you have to worry about is finding time to soak in it. 

Here are a few other reasons why we use an aluminum foundation for our wood-fired hot tubs:

Benefits of an Aluminum-Lined, Wood-Fired Hot Tub 

  • It doesn't leak
  • Easy to clean with soap and a soft cloth between water changes
  • Can use salt or freshwater, meaning you can assemble your AlumiTubs hot tub anywhere there is a reliable reliable water source
  • No winterizing required. Just wipe away the water before you leave the cabin for the winter, or bring your AlumiTubs home with you to keep it in use. If there’s no risk of freezing, water can be left in the tub year-round.
  • Lightweight, portable and pre-assembled, so you can haul it in the back of your boat or in your pickup truck and when you arrive, spend less than an hour setting it up and getting it filled for your next soak.
  • Superior heating. The internally submerged firebox is cool to touch underwater, is safe and ensures a quicker best time than external stoves. The aluminum interior and cedar exterior holds an additional layer of rigid insulation, trapping heat overnight and with just an armful of wood a day.
  • Durable. Hot tubs that are made with plastic liners are often chewed through by rodents, creating holes that lead to leaks.
  • Our marine-grade liner is made a 100% recyclable material, and is sourced locally.

Meticulously Crafted on the Sunshine Coast of Canada 

Each tub we manufacture is meticulously crafted every single time. We only use the strongest, most durable and well-made materials, all sourced locally—like the cedar, which is milled right in our backyard—and we never cut corners to increase our profit margins. Every piece we use to build our handcrafted wood-fired hot tubs is built by our own two hands* and pressure-tested for quality. 

That's right: we've actually filled your hot tub before it was sent to you to triple check that there were no errors, ensuring it's ready to be enjoyed for decades to come. And for many owners, an AlumiTubs wood-fired hot tub is a family heirloom, destined to be passed down from generation to generation.

A good old-fashioned soak in a wood burning hot tub will never go out of style and that's something not even your grandkids will think is uncool. 

*Technically there are six of us here at AlumiTubs, so this is 12 hands. 

Find out more about our aluminum liner by reading our customer testimonials or by chatting with passionate AlumiTubs' owners on Facebook. Want your own? Reserve yours today so you can see the benefits of our aluminum liner in action.