How AlumiTubs Wood Fired Hot Tubs Work

How AlumiTubs Wood Fired Hot Tubs Work

Wood Fired Hot Tub Steps, Tips and Heat Time

The beauty is in its simplicity. If you know how to make a fire, you know how to use a wood fired hot tub! There's 3 basic elements. Water, wood, and fire. To expedite your heating time, it's important to use dry wood, stir the water at the bottom of the tub with a stick for even heating, and keep the firebox cover slightly open to allow air flow down through the baffle to the bottom of the fire. Depending on your waters ambient temperature, and the temperature outside, your initial heating time can be as little as 2 hours for the 4 to 5 person tub, and 3.5 hours for the 5-8 person tub.

1. Fill tub with salt or fresh water

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2. Light a fire in the stove and wait 2-3 hours for initial heat

wood fired hot tub firebox

3. Hop in once it reaches 102 degrees and keep it hot with an armful of wood a day

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“In the winter we take it to the backcountry to warm up after a day of skiing and in the summer it’s at the cabin ready to hop into after a swim in the lake. It's fired up in the yard for seasons in between.” 

AlumiTubs are built with 3 layers of heat retention, and intentionally designed with an internal wood stove for optimal heat properties and safety. Unlike wood tubs without the aluminum lining, it will maintain its temperature with just an armful of wood a day. Put the cover on overnight when you go to bed and it will stay within 2-3 degrees. Put a log on in the morning while you drink your coffee and by the time you're done your avocado toast, it'll be back up to hot tubbing temperature.

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For faster heat times, you can also request compatibility with an alternative fuel source, such as propane or gas. We prefer wood fire heat, listening to the crackle of the flames and smelling the cedar fumes in the air. More than anything, it's a labour of love that reconnects us to the outdoors. It's a really therapeutic, ritualistic experience. With that said, there's times where a backup option might make sense at your property, and it's nice to know that options available when you want it.

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