Going Off-Grid

Going Off-Grid

Deep in the mountains, on a dock at the lake, towed behind an ATV to a backcountry escape, island-bound on a tug boat, helicoptering to a hidden campsite, or cozied up in a backyard, your AlumiTub's made to go where you do.

Escape into the wild. Connecting with nature brings people a universally shared sense of calm, joy, adventure and newfound energy. What we like best about what we do is hearing the epic stories of where customers go with their tub in the back of the pick up, the memories they make when they get there, and the people they share it with.

Whether it's the cabin, the outback, a winter escape or just spending time cozied up in the hot tub in their own back yard, the crackling fire wood, the time spent chopping it, watching the trees blowing in the wind or staring up at the stars, the experiences fosters a deeper sense of connection with the world.

AlumiTubs are built to be portable and lightweight for this very reason. The marine grade aluminum lining is the foundation for the hot tub, and if you don't need the extra insulating properties of the cedar cladding held together by the stainless steel bands, your tub requires literally no time spent on assembly (other than popping the chimney in). We designed it with cabin owners in mind. They don't have water to spare, they don't want to spend their leisure time on complicated set up, and they don't want to slave over cleaning their tub between uses. The marine grade lining ensures no water is lost through leakage like traditional wooden tubs, and it's as easy as wiping down the interior when you refresh the water which you'll want to do every few weeks - but don't worry, if there's treatment chemicals added to it you can neutralize them and reuse the water for your garden or dump it back in the lake. If there's no chemicals you'll want to change the water every 3 days after a weekend of use, and there's no need to neutralize it before repurposing it. 

Time to tick off your bucket list and go! Roll the tub in the back of your truck using 2x6's with cleats, tie it down with ratchet straps, and head to the cabin, a campsite, the beach, a friends place, deep in the woods or to a mountain chalet...wherever it is you want to go, just don't forget firewood!...or refreshments. When you get there put your 2x6's with cleats on the tailgate, roll it off with the help of another person, roll it onto a flat surface, fill the tub, light the fire, and enjoy the outdoors.