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       Did you always want a hot tub for the cabin but were afraid that a wood tub

       was too high maintenance?  Well you donít have to worry any more 

       because an aluminum hot tub has all the pleasing aesthetics of a wood tub, 

       but none of the headaches.



Alumi-Tubs Inc. was established when a niche in the  market opened up for a more worry-free tubbing experience.

Until now there has been little selection for people requiring a wood-fired hot tub. They either dealt with the headaches or went without.

Now there is a choice.

Tub With a View

An Alumi-Tub is easy to use, easy to maintain, and easy to move or store.

Two men can carry or roll the tub like a wheel to whatever location you choose. Place the tub on a level surface, fill with water, heat and be in it that same evening.

One way to store your Alumi-Tub, simply drain your tub, empty your firebox, and roll your tub into storage or simply cover it where it sits.

Any questions or concerns about the Website? Please contact  Alumitubs@gmail.com